Washington/Idaho State snowboarding, including various in-area, and lift served b/c shots. Infrequently updated (31 photos).

Deep May powder and tight turns between trees on Mount Catherine - Snoqualmie Pass backcountry, WA

Lazy turns on the Muir Snowfield - Mount Rainier, WA

Fun with the pillows in Alpental backcountry - Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Agata and Sergo get close after a day of pow - Mount Baker, WA

The 'Doctor' slides in to home - Stevens Pass, WA

Tweakin' a method off the pillows - Stevens Pass, WA

So much powder, so little time. Making the most of a great powder day - Stevens Pass, WA

Ben loses himself in bottomless Cascade pow pow - Stevens Pass, WA

Ben charges towards an untouched powder stash - Stevens Pass, WA

Agata enjoys some November freshiez in the Tatoosh - Tatoosh Backcountry, WA

Agata (bottom) and Eric enjoying light powder on Mazama Ridge (Back Bowls) - Mount Rainier, WA

Tod descends from Tricouni Peak - North Cascades, WA

Fresh turns above Reflection Lakes - Tatoosh backcountry, WA

Agata cruises a sun-ripened corn slope on Mazama Ridge - Mount Rainier, WA

Descending Mount Baker's Coleman Headwall - North Cascades, WA

Ben descends a powder slope opposite White Pass ski area - White Pass, WA

Summer corn on Glacier Peak's Sitkum Glacier - North Cascades, WA

Late afternoon winds at Panorama Point - Mount Rainier, WA

Cruising below Panorama Point - Mount Rainier, WA

Riding corn on Klawatti Glacier - North Cascades, WA

Figure 8's in the glades - Ruth Mountain, WA

Sunset - White Pass, WA

Cat boarding with Cascade Powder Cats - Stampede Pass, WA

Descending north-facing slopes on Snoqualmie Mountain - Snoqualmie Pass backcountry, WA

Turns through an expanse of snow and ice - North Cascades, WA

The clouds begin to break following a dump at Alpental - Snoqualmie Pass, WA

Ed leans back and let's it fly - Schweitzer Mountain, ID

Fun with the bumps - Schweitzer Mountain, ID

Descending slopes below Snoqualmie Mountain's East Summit - Snoqualmie Pass backcountry, WA

Dropping into Crooked Couloir - Snoqualmie Pass backcountry, WA

Ben slashes a snowbank in the Alpental backcountry - Snoqualmie Pass, WA

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