Yellowstone National Park (August 2010)

I made a loop through Yellowstone National Park the day following my Grand Teton climb. A lazy mid-morning start, congestion, bison-crossing backups and afternoon thundershowers all conspired to make this a day where the modus operandi was to hurry through as many attractions as possible before it got dark. I’m not sure what the big rush was to be honest, my spouse notwithstanding, it’s not like I had a boss waiting for me back in Seattle. But anyway…

This is my second visit to the park, now as an adult rather than the prepubescent teen standing next to me. Was he just a reflection of my earlier self, hoping like everyone else to start capturing Old Faithful on video moments before its orgasmic climax? In any case, there’s certainly a lot to see and learn here in this grandiose and volatile land, but the volume of human traffic circulating through the park is almost too much for me to bear. Below are a few snaps of Yellowstone's popular attractions taken during my rushed one-day loop through the park.

Panoramic view from the side of the road a short distance north of Mount Washburn.

Typical scenery from Blacktail Deer Plateau.

Who's looking at whom? Bison on Blacktail Deer Plateau.

Where the buffalo roam...and block highways.

Spectacular falls of the Yellowstone River as seen from Artist Point.

Falls and canyon of Yellowstone River.

A parting shot of Lower Falls.

Canyon downstream of Lower Falls.

Scenic view of Tower Fall.

Basault cliff near Tower-Roosevelt.

Yellowstone River in viscinity of Tower Fall.

Grazing elk near Mammoth Hot Springs.

Liberty Cap - a dormant hot spring cone adjacent to the Mammoth Terraces.

The classic Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces.

Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces - both old and new.

Ripples frozen in time near Grand Prismatic Spring.

Steam rising from Grand Prismatic Spring.

Video of Fountain Geyser near Fountain Paint Pots.

Video clip of Old Faithful in the waning light of late afternoon.

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