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All photos and text for are Copyright 2002-2015. Please ask before using any part of these pages. Terimah Kasih!

and welcome! is simply a place to share stories, pictures and video clips of experiences made while participating in my favorite recreational activities - snowboarding and mountaineering. Yes, there's also a smattering of other activities in and amongst the content here, but I really do strive to stay true to the theme. In any case, this site is intended as an archive of my experiences in the great outdoors, whatever that may be, preserving the many memorable moments for posterity.

The photos and tales described herein primarily involve my outdoor endeavors since 1997. It is not my intention to document everything that I do, mind you. Only experiences that by my reckoning are genuinely worth sharing are featured on

I do not maintain this website to wax prosaic about how much of a hardman I think I am. You will not find anything particularly groundbreaking or especially unique here. I'll be the first to admit that this whole thing smacks of egocentricity, but if it can help inspire others to look up and share in my wonderment of what lies beyond the next ridge or peak, then perhaps it might be worth the vain indulgence of my own web page.

Be advised that the information presented here is for casual consumption only and should not be used as a formal guide in any way. I obviously cannot guarantee that my reports are all 100% accurate or that conditions will always be the same as I have described them. Always exercise discretion in the mountains and never substitute your own observations and judgement for anecdotal information obtained on the internet.

If you would like to drop me a line, click on any of the various email links scattered throughout this site or if you do not have access to email, click here to send a message via feedback form. You can also query my trip report database, selecting from criteria which include peak names, location, climb type, season etc. To query this database, click here (new full-size window will open).

I wouldn't pass off all images as my own as many were not taken by myself. Some of my reports may be regurgitated from other online sources, but generally I always ask for permission where appropriate and try to give credit where credit is due.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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