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Mountain Biking - Road & Urban to Backcountry Epics (asterisk indicates repeat visits since date noted)

I-5 North & BC
    Mount Fromme & Seymour, June 2002 to present (North Shore trails, technical DH, woodwork, no photos)
Galbraith, June 2009* (Bellingham's North Shore equivalent)
    Chuckanut Mountain, February 2012* (XC ride with views overlooking Bellingham Bay)
    Squamish - Half Nelson etc., July & October 2015 (Rediscovering Squamish!)
    Seymour Valley, Various (Valley Trailway, Demonstration Forest etc.)
    Vancouver, Various (Burrard loop, Stanley Park, Spirit Trail, False Creek, Kits/UBC, Burnaby Mtn, no photos)

Hwy 20 Corridor
    Buck Mtn, May 2010* (Methow classic)
    Sun Mtn, May 2010 (Many variations possible, good pair-up with Buck)
    Angels Staircase, October 2012 (THE Methow backcountry epic)
    West Fork Methow, August 2012 (Out & back, approach to climb Azurite Peak)
    Cutthroat Pass, October 2015 (End-of-season ride near WA Pass)

Hwy 2 Corridor
    Wallace Falls, June 2001 (Goldbar area trails, singletrack, waterfall, out & back, no photos)
    White River Trail, June 2003* (Out & back to Boulder Creek, beware horses & rangers, no photos)
    Devil's Gulch, September 2009* (Overrated? Mission Ridge is supposedly better)
    Freund Canyon, May 2011 (Site of yearly Bike And Brew event, great ride, impacted by recent logging)
    Xanadu, October 2011 (Short but fun, fast, technical, drops & jumps)
    Leavenworth (Ski Hill Trail), June 2014 (Alternative to Freund Canyon)
    Horse Lake Mountain-Sage Hills Loop, June 2014 (Wenatchee area classic)
    Klone Peak Loop, June 2014 (Entiat area loop ride)
    Mission Ridge, October 2014 (Wenatchee area classic)

I-90 Corridor
    West Fork Teanaway, May 2000 (Snow patches, stream crossings, dusty, loose sidehill, no photos)
    Taneum Creek Loop, May 2002 (E-Burg area trails, forest, meadows, pleasant riding, no photos)
    Poo Poo Point, May 2002 (Tiger Mountain ride, 100% gravel road, watch paragliders take off, no photos)
    Windy Pass, June 2002 (Ski Acres to Grand Junction, nordic trails, jeep roads & singletrack, views, no photos)
    Rattlesnake Ridge/Carey Creek, June 2002 (Off of hwy 18 north of Tiger Summit, waste of time, no photos)
    Miller Peak, October 2010 (Steep hike-a-bike clockwise, short detour to summit, great views & descent)
    Grand Ridge, May 2013* (Recently updated/improved Seattle-area staple, out & back, great flow)
    East Tiger/NW Timber Trail, May 2013* (Long time Seattle-area staple, recent additions, okay flow, rough in spots)
    Rat Pack, June 2013 (Popular Roslyn ride, technical, poorly marked ascent, well marked descent, gravity wells!)
    Stafford Creek, May 2015 (Classic OAB ride in the Teanaway with detour to summit of Navaho Peak)

Greater Seattle & Eastside
    Victor Falls, June 2001* (Bonney Lake area network of singletrack and woodwork, map highly recommended)
    Towers of Power, December 2001* (Renton area, twisty singletrack, newer woodwork, short downhill zone)
    Big Finn Hill/Saint Edwards, June 2001* (Kirkland area staple, countless variations, quick in & out, no photos)
    Novelty Hill, June 2001* (Redmond area trails, muddy, easy to get lost, no photos)
    Redmond Watershed, June 2001* (Best singletrack not for biking, gravel paths, boring, no photos)
    Puget Power/Tolt Pipeline, June 2001* (Redmond area link-up, gravel paths, doubletrack, out & back, no photos)
    Tolt MacDonald Park, June 2001* (Carnation area trails, endless maze of singletrack, uninteresting, no photos)
    Lake Washington Loop, June 2001* (Counter-clockwise, road ride, no photos)
    Burke Gillman/Sammamish River, June 2001* (Golden Gardens to Marymoor out & back, road ride, no photos)
    Seatac Park, June 2002* (Small bike park amidst urban decay, high trail density, cyclocross race area, no photos)
    Woodland Park, June 2004* (Greenlake area trails, limited but fun, no photos)
    Discovery Park, June 2002* (Magnolia area, best trails not open to biking, great views, no photos)
    Alki Beach/Lincoln Park, June 2002* (West Seattle link-up, paved & dirt trails, great views, no photos)
    I-5 Collonade, May 2010* (Bike park for all abilities under I-5 at Eastlake, thanks to Evergreen MTB Alliance!)
    Duthie Hill, May 2010* (Sammamish area MTB park, Evergreen's crowning achievement, step it up here, no photos)
    Paradise Valley, May 2011 (Woodinville area trails, twisty, some woodwork but otherwise limited, no photos)
    Tokul (West), May 2011* (Fall City area trails, requires permit, newer trails with lots of options, no photos)
    Ravenna Park, May 2015 (Urban park with trails in and alongside a ravine, close to home, no photos)
    Magnuson Park, June 2015 (West shore of Lake WA, gravel trails through fields of Scotch Broom, no photos)
    Mercer Island Loop, May 2010 (Popular road ride with great views of Lake Washington, no photos)
    Seattle Parks Link-up, May 2010* (Sunset, Golden Gardens, Discovery, Waterfront, Kerry, Greenlake, no photos)

Hwy 410 Corridor
    Dalles Ridge/Palisades, July 2000 (A hwy 410 classic!)
    Little Bald Mtn, June 2001 (Lesser known but very worthwhile, some hike-a-bike, long descent)
    Little Bald Mtn, June 2012 (See above)
    Ranger Creek-Palisades-Skookum Flats Linkup, June 2012 (Link-up of the hwy 410 classics)
    Suntop Mtn, September 2012 (Great ride on south side of valley)
    Crystal Mtn, September 2012 (Excellent loop ride partly through Crystal Mtn ski area)
    Noble Knob, October 2015 (Classic Noble Knob to Dalles Ridge with Ranger Creek descent)

Olympic Peninsula, Olympia & South
    Capitol Forest, May 2012 (Huge area, endless possibilities, best if going with someone familiar with the trails)
    Plains of Abraham, July 2012 (St. Helens blast zone, stunning scenery, awesome descent, loop not recommended)
    Lower Dungeness - Gold Creek Loop, May 2015 (Classic Olympics loop ride)

San Juans & other islands
    Orcas Island, July 2001 (Bike onto ferry then ride to Doe Bay & camp, out & back, road ride, no photos)
    San Juan Island, July 2002 (Bike onto ferry, ~40 mile loop, lunch in Rouche Harbor, great views, no photos)
    Chilly Hilly, May 2010 (Classic Bainbridge Island road ride)
    Mount Constitution, May 2015 (Classic Orcas Island downhill)

Surfing & Kayaking the Pacific Northwest

Tofino, August 2000 (Catching waves on West Coast of Vancouver Island)
    Vancouver Island (Sombrio Point), September 2001 (N. Coast of Strait of Juan de Fuca)
    La Push, August 2005 (Surfing and camping with the natives on Olympic Coast)
    Tofino, August 2006 (See above)
    Cannon Beach, June 2007 (Road trip to Oregon Coast)
    La Push, August 2007 (See above)
    "4 Star" surf at Westport, October 2008 (Closest surfable waves to Seattle)
    Springtime surfing @ Westport, June 2009 (See above)
    Ocean Shores, September 2010 (Beach break on north side of Grays Harbor)

Okeover Arm/Malaspina Inlet (BC), September 2009 (First time sea kayaking in Sunshine Coast)
    Mats Mats Bay/Port Ludlow, Summer 2011 (Easy paddling a short ferry ride and drive from home)
    Marrowstone Island/Fort Flagler, Summer 2011 (Interesting paddle on NE corner of Olympic Peninsula)
    Dungeness Spit, Summer 2011 (Enjoyable paddle to New Dungeness Lighthouse)
    Banks Lake & Deep Lake, Summer 2012 (Fresh water kayaking near Grand Coulee Dam)
    Lake Union, Summer 2012 (Lazy summer afternoon paddle near Gasworks Park)
    West Point, April 2013 (Afternoon paddle to West Point Lighthouse in our new kayak)
    Discovery Island (BC), May 2013 (Day trip to islands off the southern tip of Vancouver Island)
    Harbor & Jetty Island, June 2013 (Port of Seattle & Everett area kayaking)
    San Juan Islands (Part1), July/August 2013 (Shaw, Jones, Orcas, Posey, Rouche Harbor - island time NW style!)
    Desolation Sound (BC), August 2013 (50+ nautical miles of kayak nirvana!)
    Elliot Bay, May 2014 (Up close and personal with the Seattle Waterfront)
    Eagle Harbor to Bremerton, June 2014 (Walk kayak onto ferry - no car!)
    Diablo Lake, August 2014 (To Ross Dam and back)
    San Juan Islands (Part 2), July/August 2014 (James, Lopez, San Juan Traverse - 5 days, 60 nautical miles!)
    Broken Group (BC), September 2015 (4 days & 3 nights paddling the Broken Islands)
    Vashon Island, April 2016 (Paddling around Quartermaster Harbor)
    Alouette Lake (BC), July 2017 (Overnight trip to end of lake in Golden Ears Park)
    Belcarra/Indian Arm (BC), July 2017 (Day trip to Twin Islands and beyond, plus Buntzen Lake)
    Indian Arm (BC), August 2017 (Overnight trip to end of inlet & up Indian River)

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