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In-area, lift-served b/c, cat and heli boarding

    Photo Albums:
Dolomites (Italia!)
    Washington/Idaho (Various, including selected b/c shots)
    Whistler/Vancouver (Various, including selected b/c shots)

    Dolomites (Return To), Winter 03/04 (download - 17.8MB/9.32min)
    Dolomites "Fuori Pista", Winter 05/06 (download - 42.6MB/11.46min)

    Chugach heli-ski, April 2007 (First trip to Alaska!)
    Dolomites, Winter 07/08 (Low snow)
    Dolomites, Winter 09/10 (Wild weather!)
    Dolomites, Winter 11/12 (Groomers!)
    Dolomites, Winter 13/14 (11 days chasing Dolomiti pow)
    Dolomites, Feb/Mar 2016 (1 week of groomers, 1 week of pow, 1 f'ked-up ankle)
    Dolomites & Stubai Valley, Winter 17/18 (Our old faves plus something new)
    North Cascades heli, March 2012 (Day of days w/ WA's only heliski operator!)
    North Cascades heli, March 2013 (3 days of gluttony)
    North Cascades heli, March 2014 (Cascade Nirvana!)
    North Cascades heli, March 2015 (The winter that wasn't finally delivers some pow!)
    North Cascades heli, March 2016 (One day in March with good friends)
    North Cascades heli, March 2017 (1 of 2 with incoming weather)
    Powder Mountain heli, January 2011 (Unexpected...bonus!)
    Whistler heli-boarding, March 2009 (What took us so long?)
    Whistler heli-boarding, February 2010 (The encore)
    Whistler heli-boarding, March 2011 (The hattrick)
    Whistler heli-boarding, December 2015 (New Years eve day!)
    Whistler heli-boarding, January 2017 (Mt. Curry zone)

    Random blog posts:
    My (lift served) season thus far, January 2008
    March Update, March 2008
    The good, the bad and the ugly, April 2008
    Paralyzed by snow, December 2009
    Season Finale, May 2009
    So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, April 2010
    Snowdays, February 2010
    El Nino pow @ W/B, January 2010
    Stevens Pass (ski area), May 2010
    Working Stiff Pow, May 2011
    Ode To La Niña, April 2012
    End of Days, Nov/Dec 2012
    It's back ON!, February 2013
    And that's a wrap, March 2013
    In Conclusion..., March 2014
    The Winter of My Discontent, March 2015
    April Showers, April 2015
    Year-End Pow, November/December 2015
    Made Possible by Cortisone, Jan-Mar 2016
    Winter '16/17
    Winter '18/19

Backcountry - videos (by location)

    Baker Backcountry:
Coleman Pinnacle, Feb. 2004 (download - 17.4MB/4.48min)
    Mount Ann, Feb. 17 2005 (video - 19.7MB/5.25min)

    Crystal Backcountry:
    Bullion Basin/Union Ck, Dec. 2003 (download - 9.79MB/2.40min)
    Bullion Point, Feb. 2004 (download - 10.6MB/2.53min)
    Crystal b/c^3, Jan. 11/13 2005 (download - 14.1MB/3.50min)

    Enchantments and surroundings:
    Cannon Mountain, Mar. 2004(download - 9.46MB/2.35min)
    Cashmere Mountain, Mar. 2004(download - 19MB/5.11min)

    North Cascades:
    Green Mountain, Dec - Jan '04/'05 (download - 25.8MB/7.09min)

    Snoqualmie Pass/I90:
    Granite West, December 2003 (download - 5.81MB/2.51min)
    Red Mountain, Jan. 2004 (download - 5.94MB/3.07min)

    Stevens Pass/Highway 2:
    Arrowhead Mountain, Feb. 2004 (download - 5.63MB/2.57min)
    Jim Hill, Feb. 2004 (download - 5.7MB/3min)

    Washington Pass/Highway 20:
    Silver Star Glacier, Apr. 2004 (download - 15.9MB/4.20min)

Backcountry - reports and photos (by location)

    Baker Backcountry:
Mount Ann, February 2009 (Finally some pow!)
    Mount Baker, June 2003 (After climbing North Ridge)
    Coleman Glacier, June 2012 (Whiteout)
    Heliotrope Ridge, March 2010 (Good snow, crazy wind)
    Ptarmigan Ridge, December 2007 (With Scott)
    Table Mountain, February 2010 (Heavy pow and fog)
    Watson's Traverse, May 2013 (Coleman-Demming up, Park down)
    White Salmon Glacier, March 2010 (Great snow, great day!)

    Canadian Rockies:
    Wapta Traverse, March 2006 (Classic hut-to-hut ski traverse in Canadian Rockies)

    Crystal Backcountry:
    Crystal - Cayuse Pass loop, November 2009 (Tired 70-lb dog carried out in backpack)
    Crystal - Cement Basin, December 2007 (Blue skies and blower pow)
    Crystal - Cement Basin, January 2010 (She delivers once again!)
    Crystal - East Peak, December 2009 (Mega POW!)
    Crystal - Southback, May 2009 (Silver Basin extravaganza)
    Crystal - Union Creek/Bullion Basin, November 2009 (With Agata)

    Enchantments and surroundings:
    Colchuk Glacier, May 2002 (A soggy weekend!)

    Goat Rocks:
    Old Snowy, May 2006 (Too much for a day-trip)
    Curtis Gilbert Tour, Nov. 2004 (Early season Goat Rocks tour)

    North Cascades:
    Bedal Peak, April 2006 (Off route)
    Ruth Mountain, February 2003 (Perfect timing)
    Hidden Lake Peaks., March 2005 (Lots of potential)
    North Twin Sister, April 2002 (North Slope on skis)
    Glacier Peak, Spring 1998 (Sitkum Glacier)
    Klawatti Icecap Traverse, April 2004 (Eldorado to Tricouni Peak)
    Mount Watson, November 2005 (Intended to ski Bacon Peak)
    Mount Pilchuck, June 2011 (Afternoon tour)

    California, Oregon and Southwest WA Cascades:
    Mount Adams, July 2010 (Southwest Chutes)
    Mount Hood, March 2002 (Palmer Glacier)
    Lassen Peak, June 2010 (North Face)
    Middle Sister, June 2008 (Up North Ridge, down South Side)
    Mount Saint Helens, May 2001 (Monitor Ridge)
    Mount Shasta, June 2010 (Avalanche Gulch)
    South Sister, June 2010 (South Side)

    Rainier (Mount):
"Cow-Qually" to bridge, May 2011 ("~7000-ft descent!")
    "Cow-Qually" (no bridge), May 2015 ("BIG slough slides!")
    Fuhrer Finger, May 2009 (Ripper corn!)
    Gibraltar Chute, June 2011 (Via DC!)
    Interglacier, June 2008 ("Juneuary pow!")
    Little Tahoma, June 2008 (Turned-around on Whitman Glacier)
    Little Tahoma, June 2011 (Climb in sun, ride in fog)
    Mazama Ridge, February 2005 (Paradise area touring)
    Muir Snowfield, February 2002 (High winds at Panorama Point)
    Muir Snowfield, November 2007 ("Muir on Sunday")
    Nisqually Chutes, December 2004 (Solo)
    Nisqually Chutes, June 2008 (with Scott)
    Nisqually Chutes, April 2010 (with Agata)
    Paradise Glacier, February 2010 (With Eric)
    Tatoosh freshiez, November 2003 (No dogs allowed)
    Turtle Snowfield, May 2012 (Race against the weather)
    Van Trump Park, December 2005 (Skin issues)
    Wilson Glacier, April 2009 (Fuhrer Finger attempt)

    Snoqualmie Pass/I90:
    Bryant Coulior, May 2010 (Sloppy!)
    Mount Catherine, April 2003 (In lieu of Lundin Peak)
    Chair Peak, May 2009 (North Slope only)
    Chair Peak circumnavigation, May 2010 (Solo)
    Mount Daniel, June 2013 (Lynch Glacier touring)
    Denny Creek, January 2007 (Attempt at Kaleetan Peak)
    Granite West, February 2006 (Quick and dirty)
    Humpback Mountain, April 2006 (Solo)
    Kendall Peak touring, February 2013 (Left Twin and more!)
    Silver Peak, February 2008 (Up West Face, down North Slope)
    Snoqualmie Mountain (Slot Couloir), May 2002 ("Enigma Gully")
    Snoqualmie Mountain (Slot & Phantom), Feb. 2008 (Ice and corn on same day)
    Snoqualmie Mountain (Slot & Phantom), Apr. 2008 (All time pow!)
    Snoqualmie Mtn. (Crooked Couloir/S. Face), Mar. '03 (Not enough snow)
    Snow/Source Lake touring, April 2008 (Sluff slides!)

    Stevens Pass/Highway 2:
    Big Chiwaukum, Feb. 2005 (West-side touring)
    Jim Hill, January 2007 (Crowded)
    Jove Peak, March 2006 (Fun loop tour)
    Lichtenberg Mountain, May 2010 (Poor visibility)
    Moonlight Bowl, April 2007 (Skyline Ridge classic)
    Stevens Pass (ski area), May 2010 (Snowmobiles..cough, cough)
    The Swath, March 2010 (A rare gem!)
    Mount Townsend, February 2009 (Long approach)
    North Chiwaukum Tour, Dec. 2004 (Whiteout, no summit)

    Washington Pass/Highway 20:
    Birthday Tour, May 2003 (Washington Pass classic)
    Frisco Mountain Tour, May 2003 (Loop tour between Frisco & Maple Pass )
    Mount Hardy, May 2008 (Aesthetic coulior, crap snow)
    Heather/Maple Pass, Nov. 2007 (Short tour, great pow)
    Blue Lakes Col/Copper Creek, Nov. 2007 (T-giving day ski/split)

    Whistler-Blackcomb and surroundings:
    Decker Glacier, April 2009 (End-of-season pow)
    Mount Garibaldi, June 2002 (Lost my skis)
    Spearhead Traverse, April 2004 (Classic ski traverse near Whistler)
    Spearhead Glacier, January 2019 (Plus Spearhead summit)

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