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  • Mount Truax - scramble (July 2023)
  • Blackcomb Buttress - rock climb (July 2023)
  • Whitecap Peak - scramble (July 2023)
  • Mount Hanover - scramble (August 2023)
  • The "Long Traverse" incl. Long, Tynemouth, Arrowhead, Tabletop & Anemone - hike/scramble (August 2023)
  • Armchair Traverse - scramble (August 2023)
  • Snowspider Mountain - scramble (September 2023)
  • Mount Trorey - scramble (September 2023)
  • Macleod Peak - scramble (September 2023)
  • Ben Lomond - scramble (September 2023)
  • Mount Killam & Gambier Island - hike (September 2023)
  • Lone Goat & Snow Camp Mountain - hike (September 2023)
  • Isollilock Peak - hike/scramble (October 2023)
  • Manson - Hatfield Traverse - scramble (October 2023)
  • Gargoyles & Columnar Peak - hike (October 2023)
  • Opal Cone and Lava Glacier - hike (October 2023)
  • Park Butte (WA) - hike (October 2023)
  • Trappers Peak (WA) - scramble (October 2023)
  • Rattlesnake Ledge (WA) - hike (November 2023)
  • Sauk Mountain (WA) - hike (November 2023)
  • Mount Daniel & Pender Hill (Sunshine Coast) - hike (November 2023)
  • Mount Dickerman (WA) - hike (November 2022)
  • Winter's End (Verona Peak) - hike/snowshoe (November 2023)
  • Dolomites (Italy) - snowboarding (December 2023)
  • Red Rock Canyon (NV) - scramble (January 2024)
  • Flute & Oboe - split tour (February 2024)
  • Whistler misc. (Train Wreck, Loggers Lake, Shadow Lake etc.) - hike (February 2024)
  • Mount Underhill - hike (March 2024)
  • Bombtram Mountain - snowshoe (March 2024)
  • Steep Peak - split tour (March 2024)
  • Ruby Mountain (WA) - snowshoe (April 2024)
  • Blustry Mountain - hike (April 2024)
  • Sowerby Peak (Barr East) - snowshoe (April 2024)
  • Picacho Peak (AZ) - hike (April 2024)
  • Kitt Peak Observatory (AZ) - (April 2024)
  • Mount Wrightson (AZ) - hike (April 2024)
  • Saguaro Nat'l Park (AZ) - April 2024)
  • Superstition Peak/Benchmark (AZ) - scramble (April 2024)
  • Mount Humphreys (AZ) - hike (May 2024)
  • Petrified Forest Nat'l Park (AZ) - (May 2024)
  • Piestewa Peak (AZ) - hike (May 2024)
  • Channeled Scablands (Columbia Gorge, Ancient Lakes, Potholes Lake, Palouse Falls etc.) - hike/bike (May 2024)
  • Rhododendron Mountain ("Pk. 2220") - snowshoe (June 2024)
  • Flora Peak - hike (June 2024)
  • Gibson Peak - snowshoe (June 2024)
  • Mount Urquhart - scramble (June 2024)
  • Rock Mountain (WA) - hike (July 2024)
  • Ladies Pass Quartet (Cape Horn, Ladies Peak, Snowgrass Mtn. NE Peak, Snowgrass Mtn.) - scramble (July 2024)
  • Old Snowy (WA) - scramble (July 2024)
  • Dog Mountain (WA) - hike (July 2024)
  • Mount Ratney & Mount Bardean - scramble (July 2024)
  • Torrent Peak - scramble (July 2024)

*As of 07/18/2024


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Cascade Range (BC, WA):

Mount Aix - Mount Aix Trail, October 2013 (Great fall hike near Bumping Lake)

Alpaca Peak - via Zopkios Rest Area, July 2022 (Granite ridge walk at Coquihalla Pass, plus Zupjok & Llama)

Mount Ann - North Slopes via Austin Pass, February 2009 (Baker backcountry ski tour)

Argonaut Peak - Northeast Gully, May 2004 (Classic enchantments area climb, Colchuk Peak also)

Arrowhead Mountain - West Route, February 2004 (Stevens Pass area ski tour and summit, video: 2.57min)

Azurite Peak - South Ridge via Azurite Pass, August 2012 (Okanogan Range area scramble)

Baby Munday North (BC) - via Airplane Creek FSR, September 2022 (Plus Stewart Peak, Cheam Range)

Banshee Peak - Northwest Ridge via Panhandle Gap, June 2014 (MRNP area hike, en route to Cowlitz Chimney)

Mount Baring - Northwest Ridge, October 2003 (Skykomish area scramble, easy half-day trip)

Bedal Peak - Northwest Ridge, April 2006 (Ski tour in Mountain Loop area, off route)

Big Chiwaukum - North Route via Lake Ethel, December 2004 (Ski tour from north side of Chiwaukum Range)

Big Four Mountain - Dry Creek, June 2006 (Mountain Loop area climb, impassible rock in upper-Amphitheater)

Big Kangaroo - Heli-ski, March 2014 (Heli-ski from 4 separate LZ's below summit)

Big Snagtooth - Heli-ski, March 2014 (Heli-ski Amy's Bowl from saddle below summit)

Mount Bigelow - Mountain Biking, October 2012 (MTB ride crossing Horsehead Pass south of summit)

Bonanza Peak - Mary Green Glacier, July 2003 (A classic North Cascades 9000'er)

Bryan Butte - SE Route via Summer Blossom Trail, December 2002 (Chelan Sawtooths area, in lieu of Bigelow)

Burgundy Spire - North Face, July 2007 (Washington Pass area climb, bailed due to loose rock)
Burgundy Spire - North Face, September 2011 (Plus Paisano Pinnacle)

Buck Mountain - West Route, August 2011 (Solo scramble from Trinity)

Buck Mountain (Methow) - Buck Mountain Trail, May 2010 (Classic Methow Valley MTB ride and summit)

Bullion Point - via Bullion Basin, February 2004 (Crystal Mtn. Resort area ski tour and summit, video: 2.53min)

Burroughs Mountain - Burroughs Mountain Trail, October 2014 (MRNP autumn dayhike, from Sunrise)

Cadet Peak - North Face (attempt), November 2001 (Mountain Loop area climb, horrible brush beyond Goat Lake)

Cardinal Peak - West Route, June 2014 (Entiat Valley day trip with bike approach)

Cashmere Mountain - Cashmere Mountain, July 2012 (Fun Enchantments area day-trip for the rain weary)

The Castle - South Face, February 2003 (Rock climb and snowboard descent in Tatoosh Range)

Cathedral Peak - Southeast Buttress, September 2012 (Classic rock climb in Pasayten Wilderness)

Cathedral Provincial Park (BC) - Centennial\Wall Creek Trail, August 2007 (Attempt at MMG Traverse)

Mount Catherine - North Slope via Hyak ski area, April 2003 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour and summit)

Chair Peak - Northeast Buttress, January 2003 (Classic Alpental Valley ice climb in marginal conditions)

Chalangin Peak - East Ridge, August 2013 (Bagged as part of DaKobed Traverse)

Mount Chaval - West Face, August 2011 (Pleasant Darrington area day trip)

Mount Cheam (BC) - Mount Cheam Trail, October 2019 (Fresh snow and whiteout in Cheam Range!)

Chimney Rock - East Face Direct, July 2004 (Crown jewels of greater Snoqualmie Pass area)

Chiwawa Mountain - Lyman Glacier, August 2001 (Glacier Peak Wilderness area climb with Nick Rhodes)

Chuckanut Mountain - Mountain Biking, February 2012 (Bellingham area MTB ride and summit)

Church Mountain - Church Mountain Trail, June 2016 (North Fork Nooksack area scramble)

Clark Mountain - Walrus Glacier, June 2003 ("Out of time" on this day trip in Dakobed Range)
Clark Mountain - Southeast Route, July 2008 (1.25 day solo trip in Dakobed Range)

Colchuck Peak - North Buttress Couloir, April 2003 (Long day, bad sunburn in Enchantments)
Colchuck Peak - South Slopes, May 2004 (Enchantments area climb, via Argonaut)

Coleman Pinnacle - Southwest Ridge, February 2004 (Baker backcountry ski tour and summit, video: 4.48min)

Columbia Peak - West Spur, October 2004 (Mountain Loop area climb in the rain with Phil Fortier)

Conway Peak (BC) - Conway Peak Trail, September 2022 (The runt of the litter aka Cheam Range!)

Coquihalla Mountain (BC) - East - West Ridge Traverse, June 2019 (Great scramble near Coquihalla Pass)

Courtney Peak - Southeast Ridge, September 2015 (Chelan Sawtooth area scramble, plus Star Peak)

Cowboy Mountain - West Ridge via 7th Heaven, May 1998 (South-side ski descent from summit of Stevens Pass)

Cowlitz Chimney (Main) - South Route, June 2014 (Fun outing on NE side of MRNP)

Crater Mountain - South Spur, September 2015 (Great autumn day trip off Hwy 20!)

Crown Point - via Bullion Point, January 2005 (Crystal Mtn. Resort area ski tour and summit, video: 3.50min)

Mount Curtis Gilbert - Conrad/Meade Glacier, November 2004 (Goat Rocks ski tour and summit)

Cutthroat Peak - South(east) Buttress, September 2003 (Washington Pass rock climb, descent via West Ridge)

Mount Daniel - East Peak, August 2000 (Alpine Lakes area snow slog with Chris Rose)
Mount Daniel - West Summit, June 2013 (Alpine Lakes Wilderness area with Lynch Glacier ski)

Deadhorse Peak - North Route via Lake Ethel, December 2004 (Ski tour from north side of Chiwaukum Range)

Del Campo Peak - Gothic Basin, November 2001 (Exploratory snowshoe hike in Mountain Loop area)
Del Campo Peak - South Face, October 2006 (Mountain Loop area scramble, plus Gothic Peak)

Dome Peak - Dome Glacier, September 2002 (Long haul, poor vis on a big North Cascades peak)
Dome Peak - Dome Glacier, July 2005 (Finish to Ptarmigan Traverse)

Dragontail Peak - Colchuck Glacier, July 2001 (Day trip in The Enchantments)
Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs, April 2003 (Classic snow and ice climb in the Enchantments)
Dragontail Peak - Serpentine Arete, September 2011 (End-of season finale in Enchantments)

Dumbell Mountain - South Face, June 2013 (Glacier Peak Wilderness area scramble)

East Peak - West Slopes via Bullion Basin, December 2009 (Crystal Mtn. Resort area ski tour and summit)

East Wilmans Spire - South Face, September 2003 (Alpine rock climb in Mountain Loop area)

Mount Fernow - Southwest Route, May 2015 (Inaugural climb of 2015 season in Glacier Peak Wilderness)

The Flatiron (BC) - Markhor-Needle-Flatiron Traverse, September 2022 (Classic Coquihalla Pass area climb!)

Mount Formidable - South Route, July 2005 (First peak bagged on Ptarmigan Traverse)

Fortress Mountain - East Ridge, July 2012 (Glacier Peak Wilderness traverse w/ South Slope descent)

Frosty Mountain (BC) - Frosty Mountain Trail, May 2020 (A Manning Park first!)

Gardner Mountain - Heli-ski, March 2014 (Chelan-Sawtooth area heli-ski from saddle SE of summit)

Mount Garfield - South Route, August 2005 (Not so dangerous enigma near North Bend)

Goose Egg Mountain - South Face via Ride The Lightning, August 2007 (Multi-pitch rock climb near Yakima)

Gothic Peak - West Ridge, October 2006 (Mountain Loop area scramble, plus Del Campo Peak)

Granite Mountain - Granite Mountain Trail, July 2001 (After-work hike near Snoqualmie Pass, photos only)

Mount Grant (BC) - South Route via Eaton Lake, June 2021 (Fun springtime scramble near Silver Lake, BC)

Graybeard Peak - West Ridge, June 2009 (Easy Pass area scramble)

Green Mountain - Green Mountain Trail, Winter 2004-2005 (Darrington area ski tour and summit, video: 7.09min)

Grimface Mountain (BC) - Matriarch-Macabre-Grimface Traverse, July 2008 (Classic traverse in Cathedral Prov. Park)

Guanaco Peak (BC) - Vicuna & Guanaco - via Coldwater FSR, July 2021 (Plus Vicuna Peak, Coquihalla Pass!)

Gunn Peak - East Peak, April 2004 (Snohomish County area scramble)

Guye Peak - South Gully, January 2003 (Winter climb near Snoqualmie Pass)
Guye Peak - South Face via Improbable Traverse, October 2004 (Snoqualmie area scramble, plus Lundin Peak)

Hadley Peak - West Face via Skyline/Chowder Ridge, October 2015 (Mount Baker area scramble)

Mount Hardy - "OpenFly" Coulior via South Slope, May 2008 (Rainy Pass area ski tour and summit)

Hidden Lake Peaks - Hidden Lake Lookout Trail, March 2005 (Marblemount area ski tour and summit)

Mount Hinman - Southwest Ridge, August 2013 (Alpine Lakes Winderness area scramble with helicopter rescue)

Hope Mountain (BC) - via Hope Mtn. FSR, July 2021 (Fun Hope BC area hike, plus Wells Peak!)

Horse Lake Mountain - Mountain Biking, June 2014 (Wenatchee area MTB ride and summit)

Humpback Mountain - West Face, April 2006 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour and summit)

Mount Index (North Peak) - North Face, August 2005 (A LONG day of climbing near Skykomish!)

Ingalls Peak - South Ridge, June 2002 (Stuart Range rock climb with Tom Sjolseth)

Jack Mountain - South Face, September 2002 (End of season scramble near Ross Lake)

Jim Hill Mountain - North Slope (Henry Creek), February 2004 (Stevens Pass area ski tour and summit, video: 3min)

Jove Peak - Southwest Ridge via Smith Brook, March 2006 (Stevens Pass area ski tour and summit)

Kaleetan Peak - East Face, October 2008 (Easy autumn scramble near Snoqualmie Pass)

Kangaroo Temple - North Face, September 2002 (Washington Pass area rock climb)

Kendall Peak - North Ridge, February 2013 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour, plus Left Twin Coulior descent)

Klone Peak - North Tommy Trail, June 2014 (Entiat Valley area MTB ride and summit)

Kololo Peaks- Suiattle Glacier, August 2007 (After Frostbite Ridge Traverse on Glacier Peak)

Kyes Peak - South Ridge, August 2002 (Solo outing to Blanca Lake and beyond)

La Bohn Peak - East Route, August 2013 (Alpine Lakes Winderness scramble, plus Mount Hinman)

Lady Peak (BC) - North Ridge via Spoon Lake, June 2020 (Fun Cheam Range scramble)

Mount Lago - South Face/South Ridge, August 2014 (Pasayten Wilderness area scramble AKA Tour de Lago!)

Mount Larrabee - West Ridge, September 2009 (Border Peaks area scramble)

Lemah Mountain - Lemah Glacier, July 2004 (Alpine Lakes Wilderness area scramble, in lieu of Chimney Rock)

Liberty Bell - Beckey Route, July 2002 (First alpine rock climb with Agata, at Washington Pass)

Lichtenberg Mountain - South Face via Nason Creek, May 2010 (Stevens Pass area ski tour and summit)

Mount Lindeman (BC) - North Route via Center Creek FSR, June 2021 (Classic scramble near Chilliwack Lake)

Little Bald Mountain - Little Bald Trail, June 2012 (Chinook Pass area MTB ride and summit)

Little Jack Mountain - Jack Mountain Trail, September 2002 (En route to Jack Mountain, near Ross Lake)

Llama Peak - via Zopkios Rest Area, July 2022 (Granite ridge walk at Coquihalla Pass, plus Zupjok & Alpaca)

Luahna Peak - East Ridge, August 2013 (Bagged as part of DaKobed Traverse)

Lundin Peak - West Ridge, October 2004 (Snoqualmie Pass area scramble, via Guye Peak)

Macabre Tower (BC) - Matriarch-Macabre-Grimface Traverse, July 2008 (Classic traverse in Cathedral Prov. Park)

MacDonald Peak (BC) - North Ridge, August 2020 (Fun scramble from MacDonald-Webb Col, near Chilliwack Lake)

Mount MacFarlane (BC) - Mount MacFarlane Trail, August 2021 (Enjoyable Chilliwack Valley area hike)

Mailbox Peak - Mailbox Peak Trail, June 2001 (After-work hike near North Bend, Photos only)

Markhor Peak (BC) - Markhor-Needle-Flatiron Traverse, September 2022 (Classic Coquihalla Pass area climb!)

Martin Peak - Mountain Biking, October 2012 (Chelan Sawtooth area MTB ride)

Mount Mastiff - South Ridge via Merritt Lake, July 2010 (Stevens Pass area hike w/ Ozzie)

Matriarch Mountain (BC) - Matriarch-Macabre-Grimface Traverse, July 2008 (Classic traverse in Cathedral Park)

Mount Maude - South Shoulder, July 2001 (Entiat Range climb, plus Seven Fingered Jack)
Mount Maude - North Face, June 2005 (Second North Face attempt, in Entiat Range)

McClellan Butte - North Couloir, May 2002 (Fun winter climb near North Bend)
McClellan Butte - McClellan Butte Trail, November 2014 (Fun fall hike and short scramble near North Bend)

Mount McGuire (BC) - via Borden Creek FSR, September 2021 (Short and rewarding Chilliwack area scramble)

Miller Peak - Miller Peak Trail, October 2010 (Cle Elum area MTB ride and summit)

Monte Cristo Peak - North Col Route (attempt), September 2001 (Mountain Loop area, first attempt)
Monte Cristo Peak - North Col Route, June 2004 (Mountain Loop area, success!)

Morning Star Peak - East Face, December 2004 (Stymied by deep snow in Mountain Loop area)

Mutton Mountain - West Ridge, October 2015 (Noble Knob-Dalles Ridge MTB ride and summit)

Navaho Peak - Navaho Peak Trail, May 2015 (Stafford Creek area MTB ride and summit)

Needle Peak (BC) - West Ridge, May 2018 (Great Spring conditioning scramble near Coquihalla Pass)
Needle Peak (BC) - Markhor-Needle-Flatiron Traverse, September 2022 (Classic Coquihalla Pass area climb!)

Nesakwatch Spires (BC) - Ensawkwatch Enchainment, September 2007 (Classic Chilliwack Lake area rock climb)

Noble Knob - Noble Knob Trail, October 2015 (Dalles Ridge area MTB ride and summit)

North Chiwaukum - North Route via Lake Ethel, December 2004 (Ski tour from north side of Chiwaukum Range)

Observation Rock - North Face, October 2002 (Autumn ice climb in Mount Rainier National Park)

Mount Outram (BC) - Southwest Route, October 2020 (Highest Cascade Range peak north of BC Highway 3)

Paisano Pinnacle - West Ridge, September 2011 (Washington Pass area rock climb, plus Burgundy Spire)

Mount Phelps - South Route, June 2004 (North Bend area Spring climb)

Pickhandle Point - via Morse Creek, January 2005 (Crystal Mtn. Resort area ski tour and summit, video: 3.50min)

Pigtail Peak - Great White Express, Winter 2000's (Top of White Pass ski resort)

Mount Pilchuck - Mount Pilchuck Trail, June 2011 (Mountain Loop area ski tour and summit)

Prusik Peak - West Ridge, October 2002 (Classic late season rock climb in Enchantments)

Ptarmigan Perch - Chain Lakes Trail, December 2007 (Fun ski descent in Ptarmigan Ridge area, Mt. Baker)

Mount Pugh - Northwest Ridge, November 2002 (Scramble in Mountain Loop area with Scott and Jerry)

Red Mountain - West Face, January 2004 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour and summit, video: 3.07min)

Mount Rexford (BC) - Ensawkwatch Enchainment, September 2007 (Classic Chilliwack Lake area rock climb)

Reynolds Peak - Northwest Ridge, July 2005 (Chelan Sawtooth area rock climb)

Mount Robinson - Southeast Ridge, July 2011 (Jewel of the Methow Valley!)

Sauk Mountain - Sauk Mountain Trail, October 2006 (Short hike near Concrete, photos only)

Sentinel Peak - Southwest Route, July 2005 (Second of three peaks bagged during Ptarmigan Traverse)

Seven Fingered Jack - Southwest Slope, July 2001 (Entiat Range scramble, plus Mount Maude)

Sherpa Peak - West Ridge, August 2002 (Enchantments area rock climb with Dan and Tom Sjolseth)

Mount Si - Mount Si Trail, June 2004 (Popular hike near North Bend, photos only)

Silver King Peak - North Ridge via High Campbell, March 2008 (Crystal Mtn. Resort "slackcountry" and summit)

Silver Peak - West Face/North Slope, February 2008 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour and summit)

Silver Star Mountain - Silver Star Glacier, June 2001 (Washington Pass area scramble)

Silverdaisy Mountain (BC) - via Cayuse Flats, March 2023 (Ski tour near Manning Park)

Slate Peak - Slate Peak Trail, August 2012 (Harts Pass area peak, final photo of "Glacier/Waterton" set)

Sloan Peak - Corkscrew Route, August 2003 (Mountain Loop area climb, via Bedal Basin)

Snass Mountain (BC) - West Ridge, September 2021 (Tragic end for fellow peakbagger, Manning Park)

Snoqualmie Mountain - East Ridge, May 2002 (Snoqualmie Pass area snowshoe & snowboard descent)
Snoqualmie Mountain - Crooked Coulior/South Face, March 2003 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour and summit)
Snoqualmie Mountain - Slot Coulior & Phantom Slope, February 2008 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour)
Snoqualmie Mountain - Slot Coulior & Phantom Slope, April 2008 (Snoqualmie Pass area ski tour)

Snowking Mountain - Kindy Ridge, November 2002 (Cascade River area climb, not suitable for lowered VW Golf)

South Early Winter Spire - Southwest Buttress, August 2005 (WA Pass rock climb, bypassed 5.8 handcrack)

Sperry Peak - South Ridge, October 2007 (A casual autumn ridge ramble in Mountain Loop area)

Spontaneity Arete - Le Petit Cheval, July 2010 (Friendly rock route near WA Pass)

Star Peak - Southwest Ridge, September 2015 (Highpoint of Sawtooth Ridge!)

Stoyoma Mountain (BC) - East Route, September 2021 (Northernmost "big" mountain in the North Cascades)

Mount Stuart - Cascadian Couloir, July 2001 (Big day in the Enchantments)
Mount Stuart - Ice Cliff Glacier, June 2004 (Near miss with calving seracs!)
Mount Stuart - North Ridge, July 2005 (Classic Enchantments area rock climb with Martin Cash)

Stuart Peak (BC) - via Airplane Creek FSR, September 2022 (Plus Baby Munday North, Cheam Range)

Suntop Mountain - Mountain Biking, September 2012 (Hwy 410 area MTB ride and summit)

Switchback Peak - Mountain Biking, October 2012 (Chelan Sawtooth area MTB ride)

Table Mountain - via Artist Point, February 2010 (Baker backcountry ski touring)

Tailgunner Peak - Southeast Ridge, April 2004 (Plus Gunn Peak-East, Snohomish County)

Tenpeak Mountain - East Face, August 2013 (Bagged as part of DaKobed Traverse)

Mount Thomson - West Ridge, July 2003 (Snoqualmie Pass area climb, with super secret shortcut!)

Three Brothers Mountain - Heather Trail, July 2022 (Fun jaunt in Manning Park)

Three Fingers - South Peak, October 2001 (Solo climb in Snohomish County)

The Tooth - South Ridge, June 2002 (First alpine rock climb, near Snoqualmie Pass)
The Tooth - Northeast Slab, February 2006 (Snoqualmie Pass area alpine ice climb)

Tiger Mountain & East Tiger - Mountain Biking, 1990's & 2000's (Popular North Bend MTB riding area and summit)

Tomyhoi Peak - South Route via Yellow Aster Meadows, August 2003 (Border Peaks area climb with great views)

Tower Mountain - West Gully, July 2009 (Easy Pass area climb, via Swamp Creek)

Mount Townsend - South Face, February 2009 (Stevens Pass area ski tour)

Tupshin Peak - East Face, June 2015 (Classic North Cascades climb, via float plane to Stehekin!)

Twin Sisters - West Ridge North Twin, Northeast Ridge South Twin, July 2006 (Fun loop in Twin Sisters Range)

Unicorn Peak - West Face via Snow Lakes, June 2014 (Highest in Tatoosh Range)

Vesper Peak - North Face, September 2002 (Fun rock climb in Mountain Loop area)

Vicuna Peak (BC) - Vicuna & Guanaco - via Coldwater FSR, July 2021 (Plus Guanaco Peak, Coquihalla Pass!)

Mount Watson - North Slopes via Anderson Lakes Trail, November 2005 (Baker Lake area ski tour)

Welch Peak (BC) - South Ridge, September 2006 (Cheam Range area climb, after visiting uncle at Harrison)

Wells Peak (BC) - via Hope Mtn. FSR, July 2021 (Fun Hope BC area hike, plus Hope Mountain!)

Wenatchee Mountain - West Ridge, March 2012 (Mission Ridge ski area slackcountry)

Whistler Mountain - North Ridge, July 2014 (WA Pass area scramble with short approach)

White Mountain - East Ridge, August 2007 (Conclusion to Frostbite Ridge traverse)

White Chuck Mountain - Northwest Route, June 2006 (Darrington area climb & consolation prize for NE Ridge)

Whitehorse Mountain - Northwest Shoulder, November 2000 (Darrington area climb, wallowing in snow)
Whitehorse Mountain - Whitehorse Glacier, June 2006 (A mob takes on the North Face!)

Williams Peak (BC) - Williams Peak Trail, July 2020 (Chilliwack Lake area plan 'C')

Winchester Mountain - Winchester Mountain Trail, August 2010 (Second and last ABP attempt, Border Peaks area)

Windy Peak - South Slopes, February 2002 (First and last BOEALPS outing, near Stevens Pass)

Yak Peak (BC) - Yak Peak Trail, October 2017 (Coquihalla Pass hike with excellent views)

Zoa Peak (BC) - Ski Touring, December 2020 (Coquihalla Pass area ski touring)

Zupjok Peak - via Zopkios Rest Area, July 2022 (Granite ridge walk at Coquihalla Pass, plus Alpaca & Llama)

Cascade Range (NCNP):

Austera Peak - Austera Ridge, April 2004 (Part of Inspiration-Klawatti icecap traverse)

Bacon Peak - West Slopes via Noisy Creek, June 2015 (Via Noisy Creek with Diobsud Lakes return)

Black Peak - South Route, September 2002 (Consolation prize for bailing on NE Ridge, near Rainy Pass)
Black Peak - Northeast Ridge, October 2003 (A fun Fall day trip near Rainy Pass)

Mount Blum - West Face, October 2006 (Fun scramble on western edge on NCNP)

Boston Basin - Boston Basin Trail, July 2007 (Attempt at East Ridge of Forbidden Peak)

Buckner Mountain - North Face, July 2002 (Via summit of Sahale Peak)

Mount Challenger - Wiley Ridge, August 2003 (A classic Picket Range odyssey)

Corteo Peak - Southwest Ridge, June 2009 (Fun loop trip with East Face descent)

Mount Despair - East Ridge, July 2011 (Fred's FIRST first ascent!)

Dorado Needle - Northwest Ridge, July 2007 (Consolation prize for bailing from Southwest Buttress)

Eldorado Peak - East Ridge, September 2001 (Consolation prize for not attempting Austera Peak)
Eldorado Peak - Northeast Face, March 2005 (Consolation prize for not attempting Dorado Needle)

Fisher Peak - West Ridge, September 2015 (Classic scramble from Silent Lakes)

Forbidden Peak - West Ridge, July 2002 (One of the 50 Classics with Andy Ball and Tom Sjolseth)
Forbidden Peak - East Ridge, July 2008 (Awesome climb with Eli Rosenberg)
Forbidden Peak - West Ridge, July 2013 (Torment-Forbidden Traverse!)

Frisco Mountain - North Ridge, September 2014 (Instead of Bacon Peak)

Mount Fury - Southeast Glacier, August 2006 (Three times a charm!)

Mount Goode - Northeast Buttress, July 2003 (Unplanned bivy at 8000ft)

Hozomeen Mountain (North Peak) - North-Northest Ridge, July 2013 (No blowdown on Skyline II Trail)

Icy Peak - North Route (Southeast Peak), June 2013 (Part of Ruth-Icy Traverse)

Johannesburg Mountain - Northeast Buttress, August 2011 (Classic climb on iconic North Cascades peak!)

Klawatti Peak - South Face, April 2004 (Part of Inspiration-Klawatti icecap traverse)

Mount Logan - Douglas Glacier, June 2006 (Huge avalanche buried notorious brush on approach)

Luna Peak - Southwest Ridge, August 2005 (Rained out on Mount Fury attempt the following day)

Lunatic Peak - Southeast Ridge, August 2006 (Consolation prize for rain-out on Luna Peak)

Magic Mountain - South Ridge, August 2008 (In lieu of J-burg's East Ridge)

McGregor Mountain - McGregor Mountain Trail, July 2015 (Missed boat thanks to "Chelan Man" event)

McGregor BM - Rainbow Lake Trail, September 2014 (Attempt on Mount McGregor via North Glacier)

Mesahchie Peak - North Ridge, June 2005 (Classic line on tallest peak of Ragged Ridge)

Outpost Peak - North Ridge, June 2006 (After climbing Mount Logan - AKA Logan-Middle Peak)

Primus Peak - Southwest Face, April 2004 (Part of Inspiration-Klawatti icecap traverse)

Mount Redoubt - Redoubt Glacier, August 2003 (Iconic Bulger List summit, plus Mount Spickard)

Ruth Mountain - Ruth Glacier, February 2003 (Mid-winter Baker area ski tour and summt)
Ruth Mountain - Ruth Glacier, June 2013 (Part of Ruth-Icy Traverse)

Sahale Peak - Quien Sabe Glacier, June 2000 (North Cascade glacier slog, plus vehicle troubles!)
Sahale Peak - Sahale Arm, July 2002 (Climbed en route to North Face of Mount Buckner)

Mount Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier, October 2001 (Iconic Northwest mountain and second failed attempt)
Mount Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys, June 2002 (Lost in the fog, third failed attempt)
Mount Shuksan - North Face, July 2002 (Brushy nightmare and slippery heather, fifth failed attempt)
Mount Shuksan - Fisher Chimneys, August 2002 (Finally! A classic line on a classic peak)

Snowfield Peak - Neve Glacier, December 2002 (Early winter climb with Paul Klenke)

Mount Spickard - South Ridge, August 2003 (And the iconic Mount Redoubt!)

Mount Terror - West Ridge, July 2006 (Disorderly conduct in Southern Pickets)

Mount Torment - South Ridge, July 2013 (Torment-Forbidden Traverse!)

The Triad - East Ridge, September 2004 (Two dicks on three dicks, in lieu of Dorado Needle)

Tricouni Peak - West Gully, April 2004 (Part of Inspiration-Klawatti icecap traverse)

Mount Triumph - Northeast Ridge, September 2003 (Classic alpine rock climb with Paul Klenke and Eric Hoffman)

West McMillan Spire - West Ridge, September 2004 (Classic Southern Pickets area scramble)

Canadian Interior Ranges (BC, AB):

Mount Assiniboine - North Ridge, August 2009 (Classic route on tallest peak in southern Canadian Rockies)

Mount Athabasca - Silverhorn, August 2006 (Snow and ice climb off of Icefields Parkway)

Mount Balfour - Balfour High Col, March 2006 (En route to Scott Duncan Hut on Wapta Traverse)

Big White Mountain - via Cliff Chair, December 2014 (Top of Big White Ski Resort)

Bugaboo Spire - Kain Route (South Ridge), August 2004 (Bugaboo Prov. Park classic!)

Mount Edith Cavell - East Ridge West Ridge, August 2009 (In lieu of East Ridge, Jasper)

Kokanee Glacier - Esmeralda & Conde via Keyhole, September 2020 (West Kootenays area peakbagging)

Mount Olive - Olive - St. Nicholas Col, March 2006 (En route to Balfour Hut on Wapta Traverse)

Peak "2920" - West Route, March 2006 (Ski summit near Scott Duncan Hut, Wapta Traverse)

Pigeon Spire - West Ridge, August 2015 (Bugaboo Prov. Park climb, claimed as world's best 5.4?)

Plain of Six Glaciers - Plain of 6 Glaciers Trail, August 2015 (Before Mount Temple, Lake Louise area hike)

Resplendent N2 - Robson Glacier, August 2006 (Attempt at Resplendent Mountain, Robson Prov. Park)

Mount Robson Provincial Park - Berg Lake Trail, August 2006 (Corkscrew via Kinney and Berg Lakes)

Mount Sir Donald - Northwest Ridge, August 2004 (Aborted due to slick lichen, Glacier Nat'l. Park)
Mount Sir Donald - Northwest Ridge, August 2006 (Aborted due to fresh snow, Glacier Nat'l. Park)

Sulphur Mountain - Sulpur Mountain Gondola, August 2015 (Before Temple, overlooks Bow River Valley, Banff)

Mount Temple - Southwest Ridge, August 2015 (Classic Lake Louise scramble)

Terminator Peak - Via Ferrata, August 2015 (Kicking Horse Resort via ferrata climb!)

Uto Peak - Southwest Ridge, August 2006 (Good warm up for Sir Donald, Glacier Nat'l. Park)

Wapta Traverse - North to South, March 2006 (Classic hut-to-hut ski traverse in Banff & Yoho Parks)

Coast Mountains (BC):

Alouette Mountain - Alouette Mtn. Trail, November 2021 (Golden Ears hike with good views in all directions)

Alpen Mountain - West Route via Mamquam FSR, February 2022 (Squamish area snowshoe hike, similar to Anif Peak)

Alpha Mountain - East Ridge, August 2008 (A Tantalus Range classic!)

American Mountain - via American FSR, May 2023 (Hope area hike with great Fraser Valley views and more!)

Anif Peak - via Ray Creek, February 2022 (Squamish area snowshoe hike with views and fun arete finish)

Appa Peak - Southeast Slope, February 2010 (Heli-ski from summit to headwaters of Rutherford Creek)

Mount Aragorn - South Route, August 2018 (And Mount Gandalf, Tolkien Range)

Mount Ashlu - East Ridge, August 2008 (A classic Coast Mountain adventure, Ashlu-Elaho Divide)

Askom Mountain - Southeast Ridge, June 2022 (Lillooet area hike with fantastic views, plus Camelshoof Peak)

Mount Barbour - Tenquille Creek Trail, October 2022 (Fun fall scramble via beautiful Barbour's Draw, D'arcy)

Mount Beautiful - Swan Falls Loop Trail, October 2019 (Buntzen Lake area loop hike)

Beauty Peak - via Crown Pass, September 2022 (aka West Crown, Grouse Mountain area)

Beaujolais Peak - East Ridge, July 2020 (Plus Mystery Peak, Hurley FSR)

Belcarra Mountain - via Springboard Trail, November 2023 (Short loop hike in Belcarra Regional Park)

Birkenhead Peak - Microwave Ridge, June 2019 (An "Ultra" daytrip via Kafir Peak, D'arcy)

The Black Tusk - South Route (via Taylor Meadows), June 2018 ("Landing place of thunderbird", Garibaldi Park)

Brandywine Mountain - South Route, June 2018 (Short early season scramble, Squamish-Chekamus Divide)

Mount Ben More - North Route, August 2022 (Plus Mount Sheer, Mountain Lake area)

Mount Benvolio - Diavolo Glacier, April 2004 (Classic summit along Spearhead Traverse)
Mount Benvolio - via Overlord, August 2019 (Short jaunt from Overlord, Garibaldi Park)

Mount Bishop - Vicar Lakes Trail, May 2020 (Great Spring climb at end of LSCR Trailway, North Shore)

Black Mountain - Cabin Lake Trail, September 2017 (En route to Eagle Bluffs, West Vancouver, photos only)

Blackcomb Peak - Northwest Ridge, June 2019 (Easy day from top of 7th Heaven chair)

Blanca Peak - South Ridge, August 2019 (High value scramble off Elaho Main)

Blowdown Peak - South Ridge, February 2023 (Awesome "road shot" ski tour off Duffey Lake)

Mount Brew (Lillooet) - Northeast Ridge, July 2021 (5th highest in SWBC, Lillooet area)

Mount Brew (Whistler) - Roe Creek Trail, October 2022 (Chill hike to Hut and peak near Whistler BC)

Brunswick Mountain - Brunswick Mtn Trail, October 2015 (Day trip from Lions Bay)

Mount Burwell - Southeast Ridge via Seymour Valley, August 2019 (And Coliseum, North Shore)

Cadwallader Peak (aka Crazy) - via Noel Creek FSR, August 2021 (Plus Sunshine, Goldbridge area)

Calpow Peak - North Slope/Glacier, 2009 (Heli-ski from summit into Callaghan Valley, Whistler)

Mount Callaghan - West Route, July 2019 (Callaghan Valley explorations)

Caltha Peak - West Ridge, September 2022 (Crown Jewel of Lizzie Lake area perhaps?)

Camelshoof Peak - Southeast Ridge, June 2022 (Lillooet area hike with fantastic views, plus Askom Mountain)

Capilano Mountain - NW Route via Beth Lake, May 2021 (Fun Furry Creek area peak bag)

Cartmell Peak - Cartmell Peak Trail, February 2022 ('sploring around the 'squatch, Harrison)

Cassiope Peak - West Ridge, July 2019 (And Saxifrage Mountain, Pemberton)

Castle Towers Mountain - Polemolium Ridge, August 2019 (West Peak solo via Helm Glacier, Garibaldi)

Cathedral Mountain - West Ridge, August 2022 (Crown Jewels of the North Shore peaks!)

Cayoosh Mountain - South Ridge, July 2018 (Exciting Duffey Lake area scramble)

Chehalis Range - Statlu Lake Trail, September 2007 (Attempt at Vienese-Clark Traverse)

Mount Chek - East Route, July 2020 (Exploratory hike in Conroy Forest area, photos only)

Mount Chief Pascall - Northwest Ridge, January 2022 (Classic ski summit near Joffre Group, Duffey Lake)

Chipmunk Mountain - South Face, July 2020 (Plus Tenquille via North Ridge, Hurley FSR)

Cirque Peak - North Ridge, August 2009 (Loose and exposed D'arcy area scramble)

Cloudburst Mountain - North Route via Chance Creek FSR, May 2021 (Southernmost on Squam-Chek Divide)

Coliseum Mountain - Southeast Ridge via Seymour Valley, August 2019 (En route to Burwell, North Shore)

Cougar Mountain - Cougar Mountain Trail, October 2022 (Whistler area hike with Pepper)

Cowboy Ridge - via Musical Bumps, April 2023 (Ski tour out beyond Whistler's Musical Bumps)

Mount Crickmer - Mount Crickmer Trail, May 2020 (Good views of Stave and Alouette Lake)

Crown Mountain - Crown Mountain Trail, October 2013 (Great North Shore scramble, big views)

Mount Crumpit - Clockwise from Westway Ave, December 2020 (Short Squamish area loop hike with great views)

Crystal Peak - Barkley Valley, June 2020 (And Elliott Peak, D'arcy)

Mount Currie - North Glacier, January 2017 (Heli-ski down north glacier, Pemberton)
Mount Currie - South Face, February 2020 (7500ft day trip up iconic Pemberton area peak)

Cypress Peak - North Ridge, July 2018 (Classic North Ridge scramble, Squam-Chek Divide)

Dam Mountain - Grouse Slogathon, May 2022 (Grouse Mountain Resort backcountry, plus Little Goat and T-bird)

Decker Mountain - Decker Glacier, April 2009 (Ski tour from Blackcomb ski area)
Decker Mountain - East Ridge via Decker Glacier, March 2022 (Finally bagged the summit of this WB classic!)

Dewdney Peak - Dewdney Grind Trail, November 2021 (Dumpster dive near Mission, BC with excellent views!)

Diamond Head - South Route via Elfin Lakes, August 2020 (Bike'n hike on south side of Mount Garibaldi)

Dickson Peak - South Ridge, July 2019 (First peak in South Chilcotins!)

Dog Mountain - Dog Mountain Trail, October 2020 (Short hike from Seymour Parking area, photos only)

Dreadnought Mountain - South Ridge, October 2018 (Highest in Watersprite Lake Group)

Elk Mountain (plus Thurston) - Elk Mtn. Trail, September 2017 (Popular Chilliwack area hike, no photos)

Elliott Peak - Barkley Valley, June 2020 (And Crystal Peak, D'arcy)

Mount Elphinstone - Mount Elphinstone Trail, April 2021 (Sunshine coast hike with great views!)

Mount Elsay - via Elsay Lake Trail, October 2021 (Fun loop hike on Indian Arm-Seymour Divide, North Shore)

Evans Peak - Evans Peak Trail, October 2020 (Short Autumn hike in Goden Ears Prov. Park)

Face Mountain - East Route, July 2010 (In Lieu of Mount Samson, Railroad Pass)

Fat Ass Peak - via Sunset Trailhead, May 2020 (En route to Hat Mountain, Howe Sound)

Fissile Peak - South Ridge, October 2019 (Instead of Overlord Mountain, Garibaldi)

Mount Fromme - via St. Georges Trail, November 2019 (Pepper's first summit in North Vancouver, photos only)

Fuscian Peak - NNE Ridge, July 2018 (After Helm Peak & instead of Castle Towers, Garibaldi)

Mount Gandalf - South Route, August 2018 (And Mount Aragorn, Tolkien Range)

Mount Gardener - Mount Gardener Trail, May 2018 (Hike to top of Bowen Island with stunning views, photos only)

Mount Garibaldi - Northeast Face, June 2002 (Garibaldi Provincial Park classic, lost my skis)

Geodetic Peak - via Mission Pass/Tsee Peak, July 2023 (En route to Puck Peak, Mission Ridge)

Mount Gillespie - Northwest Ridge, October 2022 (Classic scramble next to Seed Peak, Pinecone-Burke)

Gin Peak - via Hanging Lake Trail, January 2022 (Ski tour from Whistler Olympic Park)

Goat Mountain - Goat Ridge Trail, June 2019 (Short scramble from Grouse Mountain Resort)

Goat Peak - East Ridge, October 2018 (And Tenquille Mountain, Hurley FSR)

Goat Ridge - via Britannia Creek, June 2023 (Squamish area hike with outstanding Howe Sound views)

Golden Ears (North) - Panorama Ridge, July 2006 (Highest in Golden Ears Provincial Park)

Gotcha Peak - North Ridge via Blowdown Pass, August 2019 (And Gott, Duffey)

Gott Peak - East Ridge via Blowdown Pass, August 2019 (And Gotcha, Duffey)

Green Mountain (+Pk.2200) - Green Mountain Trail, September 2022 (Exploratory hike & scramble near Goldbridge)

Harris Ridge - via Taylor Creek FSR, July 2022 (Plus Nea Peak, South Chilcotins)

Mount Harvey - Southwest Ridge, November 2018 (Fall hike from Lions Bay)

Hat Mountain - via Sunset Trailhead, May 2020 (Spring hike from Lions Bay)

Helm Peak - South Ridge, July 2018 (Instead of Castle Towers, Garibaldi)

Hibachi Ridge - Northwest Slope, January 2017 (Heli-ski from Hibachi E2 & NE5 summit, Pemberton)

Hollyburn Peak - Hollyburn Peak Trail, December 2018 (Hike from Cypress nordic center in N. Van, photos only)

Iota Mountain - East Ridge via LLW, August 2020 (Plus Pelops & Niobe, Tantalus Range)

Ipsoot Mountain - North Slope, December 2015 (Heli-ski from subpeak, Pemberton)
Ipsoot Mountain - West Route via Rutherford Creek FSR, June 2021 (BIG peak, BIG views, not-so-BIG daytrip!)

Joffre Peak - Southeast Face, September 2012 (Solo via decommissioned Cerise Creek Road, Duffey)

Kafir Peak - Microwave Ridge, June 2019 (En route to Birkenhead Peak, D'arcy)

Leading Peak - South Ridge (Anvil Island), June 2022 (Highpoint of Anvil Island in Howe Sound)

Mount Lincoln - Mount Lincoln Trail, May 2023 (Short, steep hike in Yale, BC)

Little Goat Mountain - Grouse Slogathon, May 2022 (Grouse Mountain Resort backcountry, plus Dam and T-bird)

Locomotive Mountain - South Ridge, August 2019 (Instead of Beaujolais and Mystery, Hurley FSR)

Mamquam Mountain - North Route via Darling Lake, July 2020 (Classic peak in southern Garibaldi Prov. Park)

Mount Marriott - Southeast Ridge, July 2018 (via Wendy Thompson Hut, Duffey)

Mount Matier - Northeast Spur, June 2004 (Too mushy for Northwest Face, Duffey)

Metal Dome - South Route, July 2022 (Short hike near Brandywine Mountain, Squamish-Chekamus Divide)

Mortar Peak - South Ridge via Hurley FSR, June 2023 (Excellent hike to highpoint of Grouty Ridge, Hurley FSR)

Mystery Peak - South Ridge, July 2020 (Plus Beaujolais Peak, Hurley FSR)

Nea Peak - via Taylor Creek FSR, July 2022 (Plus Harris Ridge, South Chilcotins)

Mount Niobe - South Route via LLW, August 2020 (Plus Iota & Pelops, Tantalus Range)

November Mountain - West Ridge, June 2020 (En route to Seed Peak, Pinecone-Burke)
November Mountain - West Ridge, October 2022 (En route to Mount Gillespie, Pinecone-Burke)

Oboe Summit - East/West Face, March 2022 (Whistler Slackcountry touring)

Ossa Mountain - West Ridge, August 2019 (Fun scramble at northern end of Tantalus Range)

Overlord Mountain - West Ridge, August 2019 (Classic climb over Musical Bumps and beyond, Garibaldi)

Overseer Mountain - Southeast Face, August 2009 (Highest in Harrison Hut area, Meager Creek)

Panorama Ridge - via Rubble Creek Trail, October 2020 (Classic hike in Garibaldi Prov. Park)

Pebble Peak - Pebble Glacier, July 2023 (Basic Glacier climb led by Brian S., Upper Lillooet)

Pebble to North Creek - via Pebble Glacier, July 2023 (7 days between Pebble & NC Huts, Upper Lillooet)

Mount Pelops - Southeast Route via LLW, August 2020 (Plus Iota & Niobe, Tantalus Range)

Mount Penrose - South Ridge, August 2022 (Outstanding views of Downton Lake, Goldbridge Area)

Phalanx Mountain - Stairmaster Coulior/Poop Chutes, February 2022 (Classic Whistler-Blackcomb ski tour)

Powder Mountain - Northeast Slope/Glacier, March 2009 (Heli-ski from summit into Callaghan Valley)

Mount Price - via Rubble Creek Trail, February 2021 (Classic ski tour via Garibaldi Lake)

Puck Peak - via Mission Pass/Tsee Peak, July 2023 (En route to Mission Peak, Mission Ridge)

Pump Peak - Mount Seymour Trail, October 2015 (En route to Mount Seymour, North Shore)

Rainbow Mountain - Rainbow Glacier, 2009 (Heli-ski from summit into Soo River Valley, Whistler)
Rainbow Mountain - SW Route via Rainbow Lake, June 2020 (Excellent weekend in Whistler's backyard!)

Recourse Peak - ESE Ridge, July 2018 (Second highest in Chehalis Range, in lieu of Mount Clark)

Rhododendron N3 - Northwest Slope, December 2015 (Heli-ski down north basin, Pemberton)

The Ripsaw - ENE Ridge, April 2004 (Short detour along Spearhead Traverse, Whistler)

Mount Robie Reid - Southeast Ridge, August 2020 (Classic climb near Golden Ears Prov. Park)

Mount Rohr - West Slope, March 2021 (Debut ski tour off Duffey Lake!)

Round Mountain - Elfin Lakes Trail, February 2023 (Ski touring just outside Squamish)

Runner Peak - Mount Elsay Trail, October 2021 (This instead of Mount Elsay, North Shore)

Mount Saint Benedict - Mount Saint Benedict Trail, January 2021 (Fun winter summit hike in Mission District)

Saint Marks Summit - HSCT, October 2017, January 2021 (Great views overlooking Howe Sound, photos only)

Sasin Peak - North-Northeast Ridge, April 2021 (Harrison Mills area hike with great Fraser Valley views)

Saxifrage Mountain - Southeast Ridge, July 2019 (And Cassiope Peak, Pemberton)

Mount Sears - Northwest Ridge, July 2023 (First summit on Pebble-to-North Creek Traverse, Upper Lillooet)

Seed Peak - South Route, June 2020 (First summit in Pinecone Burke Prov. Park!)

Serratus Mountain - North Face, August 2008 (Classic climb starting from Haberl Hut, Tantalus Range)

Mount Seton - South Face via Saddlebag Lakes, August 2020 (Highest in Cayoosh Range, Duffey)

Seven O'Clock Mountain - standard via Tenas Creek Valley, July 2020 (And Sun God Mountain, D'arcy)

Mount Seymour - Mount Seymour Trail, January 2002 (Snowshoe up with snowboard return, North Shore)
Mount Seymour - Mount Seymour Trail, October 2015 (Scattered ashes of Dyce the dog, North Shore)
Mount Seymour - Mount Seymour Trail, October 2020 (Stopped short of Mount Elsay, North Shore)

Mount Sheer - Southwest Ridge, August 2022 (Highest in Mountain Lake area, Furry Creek)

Shulaps Peak - via Brett Creek Trail, August 2022 (Highest in Shulaps Range, Goldbridge)

Sky Pilot Mountain - West Ridge, July 2014 (Approach via new Sea to Sky Gondola, Squamish)

Slalok Mountain - Matier/Stonecrop Glacier touring, April 2022 (Epic ski descent of Stonecrop Face, Duffey)

Slhanay Peak - Slhanay Peak Trail (Easy hike with numerous great viewpoints, Squamish)

Mount Sloan - Northeast Ridge, Sept. 2008 (Solo on a superb ridge route, Goldbridge)

Slollicum Peak - Slollicum Peak Trail, November 2020 (Harrison area hike with fantastic views)

Sootip Peak - via Soo River FSR, July 2021 (High-value half day hike with Pepper, Whistler area)

South Needle - Hydraulic Trail, November 2020 (Fun hike on Lynn-Seymour Divide)

Mount Sproatt - East Route (via Stonebridge), July 2022 (Often overlooked/hidden gem of a hike in Whistler area)

Mount Strachan - Christmas Gully, July 2018 (Loop hike via Cypress Mountain ski area)

The Spearhead - Blackcomb Glacier, January 2019 (En route to Corona Bowl, Whistler)

Spearhead Traverse - Blackcomb to Whistler, April 2004 (Classic Coast Range ski traverse, Whistler)

Statimcets Peak - Southeast Face, August 2019 (Downton Creek area with rain, snow and sun all in same day!)

Statlu Peak - NW Ridge via Lost Creek, March 2022 (Mission area Winter hike with great views)

Stawamus Chief Mountain - Backside Trail, October 2020 (Hike and via ferrata to 2nd and 3rd Peak of The Chief, Squamish)
Stawamus Chief Mountain - Backside Trail, May 2023 (All three Chief summits with Pepper, Squamish)

Mount Steele - Mount Steele Trail, November 2022 (Fun Autumn hike in Tetrahedron Provincial Park, Sunshine Coast)

Sugarloaf Mountain - North Slope, December 2015 (Heli-ski from saddle just east of summit, Pemberton)
Sugarloaf Mountain - East Ridge/Face via Miller Bench Rd, July 2021 (High value hike in Heat Dome, Pemberton)

Sugus Mountain - Southeast Ridge, July 2023 (Fourth and final on Pebble-to-North Creek Traverse, Upper Lillooet)

Sumas Mountain - via Chadsey Lake, October 2020 (Hike near Abbotsford, photos only | Nov. 2021 trip here)

Sun God Mountain - standard via Tenas Creek Valley, July 2020 (And Seven O'Clock, D'arcy)

Sunshine Mountain - via Noel Creek FSR, August 2021 (Plus Cadwallader, Goldbridge area)

Mount Tantalus - North Ridge, July 2009 (Moat impasse at top of Rumbling Glacier, Tantalus Range)
Mount Tantalus - Southeast Spur, August 2020 (Classic route on the monarch of Tantalus Range)

Tenquille Mountain - East Ridge, October 2018 (From Tenquile Lake Hut plus Goat Peak, Hurley FSR)
Tenquille Mountain - North Ridge, July 2020 (Plus Chipmunk Peak, Hurley FSR)

Thunderbird Ridge - Grouse Slogathon, May 2022 (Grouse Mountain Resort backcountry, plus Dam & Little Goat)

Tim Jones Peak - Mount Seymour Trail, October 2015 (En route to Mount Seymour, North Shore)

Tricouni Peak - East Face, June 2018 (Classic scramble on Squamish-Cheakamus divide)

Tszil Mountain - North Route via Tszil-Taylor Col, July 2019 (En route to Slalok West Ridge, Duffey)

Unnecessary Mountain - via Lions Bay, October 2021 (Shoulder season hike with decent Howe Sound views)

Vantage Peak - West Ridge, August 2021 (Great views of Cerise Creek devastation zone, Duffey Lake)

Mount Vayu - Northwest Ridge, August 2011 (Classic Bridge Creek area ridge climb)

Vedder Mountain - Vedder Ridge Trail, January 2021 (Chilliwack area hike in the fog, photos only)

Mount Weart - Southeast Ridge, July 2018 (Whistler area classic scramble!)

Wedge Mountain - Wedge Couloir, May 2003 (Fun and direct Spring ascent from Wedgemount Lake, Whistler)

Mount Wesley - Northwest Ridge, July 2023 (In lieu of Mount Thiassi, Upper Lillooet)

West Lion - South Route via Lions Bay, October 2009 (Most recognizable summit on North Shore)

Whirlwind Peak - North Route, April 2004 (Final summit bagged on Spearhead Traverse, Whistler)
Whirlwind Peak - North Route, May 2019 (And Fissile!)

Whistler Mountain - Snowboarding, 1990's to present (Plus Piccolo, Flute & Oboe)

Mount Windsor - Northwest Ridge, October 2019 (Deeks Lake area scramble)

Wishbone Peak - Ryan Glacier, December 2021 (Heli ski down glacier from sub-summit, Petersen Creek area)

Olympic Mountains (WA):

Mount Anderson - East Ridge (West Peak), July 2009 (And Mount Anderson proper)

Mount Angeles - Route 1, October 2014 (Via Klahhane Ridge)

The Brothers - South Face, November 2001 (Second time's a charm)

Buckhorn Mountain - Big Quilcene Trail, July 2016 (Neat ridge trail over tundra-like terrain)

Mount Carrie - South Route, July 2014 (Highest in Bailey Range)

Mount Constance - West Arete, September 2005 (Classic Olympic rock climb)

Mount Cruiser - South Corner, September 2013 (Via Mildred Lakes)

Mount Deception - North Route via Royal Basin, July 2009 (Day trip from Seattle)

Mount Olympus - Blue Glacier, August 2003 (Crown jewels of the Olympic Mountains)

Mount Skokomish - Southeast Route, September 2013 (And Mount Stone)

Mount Stone - West Ridge, September 2013 (And Mount Skokomish)

Mount Washington - Winter Direct, April 2007 (Wallowing in snow)
Mount Washington - Southeast Ridge, June 2007 (Another rock climb on Olympic choss)

Volcanoes & Volcanic Areas of the West:

Mount Adams (WA) - Adams Glacier, July 2004 (Classic north-facing glacier route)
Mount Adams (WA) - Southwest Chutes, July 2010 (Excellent Spring ski, plus Pikers Peak)

Mount Baker (WA) - Easton Glacier, September 2001 (First climb with Andy Ball)
Mount Baker (WA) - North Ridge, June 2003 (Long day with nice ski/board descent)
Mount Baker (WA) - Watson's Traverse, May 2013 (Coleman-Demming up, Park down)

Burroughs Mountain (WA) - Burroughs Mtn Trail, October 2014 (MRNP autumn dayhike, from Sunrise)

The Castle (WA) - South Face, February 2003 (Rock climb and snowboard descent in Tatoosh Range)

Cowlitz Chimney (WA) - South Route, June 2014 (Fun outing in northeast side of MRNP)

Crater Lake (OR) - South to North, June 2010 (West Rim drive-through)

Craters of the Moon (ID)- North Crater to Indian Tunnel, August 2010 (Wandering around a volcanic marvel)

Dee Wright Observatory (OR) - McKenzie Pass, September 2019 (Lava Fields at summit of McKenzie Pass)

Mount Garibaldi (BC) - Northeast Face, June 2002 (Classic Coast Mountain climb, lost my skis!)

Glacier Peak (WA) - Sitkum Glacier, Summer 1998 (Standard volcano slog with snowboard descent)
Glacier Peak (WA) - Frostbite Ridge, August 2007 (Classic north-south traverse)

Mount Hood (OR) - Palmer Glacier, March 2002 (First Oregon volcano climb!)
Mount Hood (OR) - Reid Glacier Headwall, March 2005 (Instead of Sandy Headwall due to partner issues)

Mount Jefferson (OR) - Jefferson Park Glacier, May 2007 (Classic climb from Jefferson Park, poor weather)
Mount Jefferson (OR) - Milk Creek West Ridge, June 2008 (Fun ascent from west, warm and sloppy snow)

Kilauea Volcano (HI) - Crater Rim Drive, January 2017 (Most active Hawaiian volcano)

Lassen Peak (CA) - North Face, June 2010 (Splitboard smash'n grab, short day)

Lava Lands (OR) - Lava Butte, September 2019 (Trail of Molten Land & more!)

Little Tahoma (WA) - Fryingpan Glacier, June 2011 (Best view of Rainier with snowboard descent)

Mauna Kea (HI) - Mauna Kea Summit Road, January 2017 (Lightheaded at 13k feet in Hawaii!)

Mount McLoughlin (OR) - Mount McLoughlin Trail, June 2010 (Oregon's "forgotten" volcano, boring)

Middle Sister (OR) - Middle Sister, June 2008 (Bit off more than we could chew on Sisters Marathon)

Muir Peak (WA) - Muir Snowfield, May 2011 (Highpoint overlooking Mount Rainier's Cowlitz Glacier)

Newberry Volcano (OR) - Big Obsidian Flow, June 2010 (Lots and lots of volcanic glass!)
Newberry Volcano (OR) - Paulina Peak, September 2019 (Plus Big Obsidian Flow again)

Observation Rock (WA) - North Face, October 2002 (Autumn ice climb in Mount Rainier National Park)

Pyramid Peak (WA) - Pyramid Peak Trail, October 1997 (Consolation for failed attempt climbing Success Cleaver)

Mount Rainier (WA) - Ingraham Direct, August 1998 (Turned back by strong winds below crater rim)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Disappointment Cleaver, July 1999 (Punked by bad weather high on cleaver)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Tahoma Glacier, August 2000 (Foiled by partner with altitude sickness)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Emmons Glacier, June 2001 (Stymied by weather and partner with altitude sickness)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Disappointment Cleaver, August 2001 (Successful climb on standard route with Ben Jones)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Liberty Ridge (Liberty Cap), June 2003 (Classic climb with Tom Sjolseth)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Fuhrer Finger, May 2009 (Direct ascent with awesome snowboard descent)
Mount Rainier (WA) - Disappointment Cleaver, June 2011 (Loop with exhilarating Gib Chute snowboard descent!)

Saint Andrews Rock (WA) - Puyallup Cleaver, August 2000 (Consolation for failed attempt at Tahoma Glacier)

Mount Saint Helens (WA) - Monitor Ridge, May 2001 (Standard volcano slog with snowboard descent)

Mount Scott (OR) - Mount Scott Trail, September 2019 (Highest in Crater Lake National Park)

Mount Shasta (CA) - Avalanche Gulch, June 2010 (Gong show on a big California volcano!)

South Sister (OR) - South Slopes, June 2010 (Fun day trip from Cascade Lakes, great ski summit!)

Steamboat Prow (WA) - Northeast Route via Interglacier, June 2008 (Epic ski tour - "Juneuary" pow!)

Mount Thielsen (OR) - West Ridge, June 2010 (Scramble up the Lightning Rod of the Cascades!)

Unicorn Peak (WA) - West Face via Snow Lakes, June 2014 (Short but difficult scramble, highest in Tatoosh)

Mount Washington (OR) - North Ridge, September 2019 (5th-class rock climb on a Central OR volcanic chosspile)

Watchman Peak (OR) - Watchman Peak Trail, August 2018 (Short hike to lookout on West Rim of Crater Lake)

Windy Ridge (WA) - Plains of Abraham, July 2012 (MTB ride across St. Helens blast zone to Ape Canyon)

Yellowstone National Park (CA) - North, South, East & West, August 2010 (Sightseeing after Grand Teton climb)

US (Other) & International:

A Most Excellent Adventure (Various) - Western States, Aug/Sep 2016 (OR, CA, AZ, UT, CO, WY, MT)

Angels Landing (UT) - Angels Landing Trail, August 2016 (Classic hike in Zion National Park)

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park (New Zealand) - via Lake Pukaki, November 2014 (Sightseeing, wow!!)

Mount Aspiring National Park (New Zealand) - Matukituki Valley, November 2014 (Rob Roy Glacier hike)

Avalanche Peak (WY) - Avalanche Peak Trail, September 2018 (Best view of Yellowstone National Park?)

Bald Mountain (ID) - Lookout Express Chairlift, Winter 1990's (Top of Sun Valley Resort)

Barn Bluff (MN) - various, October 2022 (Short hike in Red Wing Minnesota with views of Mississippi River!)

Bear Creek Spire (CA) - West Route, September 2019 (Striking peak at head of Little Lakes Valley)

Big Mountain (MT) - via Outpost FSR, August 2012 (Summit of Whitefish Mountain resort)

Blanca Peak & Ellingwood Point (CO) - via Como Lake, September 2018 (Highest in Sangre de Cristo Range)

Borah Peak (ID) - Southwest Ridge, August 2010 (The top of Idaho!)

Cathedral Peak (CA) - Southeast Buttress, September 2008 (Tuolumne Meadows classic rock climb)

Chimney Rock (ID) - West Face, August 2008 (Thunderstorms in Idaho Panhandle)

Mount Cleveland (MT) - Stoney Indian Route, August 2012 (Top of Glacier National Park!)

Mount Conness (CA) - East Ridge, August 2018 (Classic Tioga Pass area scramble)
Mount Conness (CA) - North Ridge, September 2008 (Awesome Tioga Pass area rock climb)

DECALIBRON (CO) - DEmocrat, CAmeron, LIncoln & BRoss, September 2018 (Four Colorado 14ers in one day!)

Divide Mountain (MT) - Divide Mountain Trail, August 2012 (Extra credit hike just east of Saint Mary Lake in GNP)

Dolomites (Italy) - Summer (1980's) & Winter (1990's - Present) (Where it all began for young Sergio!)

Eastern Sierra (CA) - Lyell, Ritter, Sill & Whitney, July 2010 (First trip to Eastern Sierra!)

Mount Elbert (CO) - Northeast Ridge, September 2018 (Highest point in Colorado)

Fiordland National Park (New Zealand) - via Lake Te-Anau, November 2014 (Day trip to Milford Sound)

Frenchman Mountain (NV) - via Sunrise Pass, January 2024 (Excellent views from east side of Las Vegas Valley!)

Gannett Peak (WY) - Gooseneck Ridge (standard), August 2011 (Wyoming State highpoint)

Glacier National Park #1 (MT) - Glacier and Waterton NP, August 2012 (Bagged 3 of 6 10k'ers in the park!)

Glacier National Park #2 (MT) - Kintla and Stimson, August 2014 (Climbed 2 more of the 6 10k'ers)

Glacier National Park #3 (MT) - Mount Merritt, August 2015 (Classic climb on the final 10k'er in GNP!)

Mount Glory (WY) - South Slope, January 2019 (Glory Bowl snowboard descent!)

Grand Teton (WY) - Upper Exum Ridge, August 2010 (A great climb of The GRAND!)

Granite Peak (MT) - South face (via East Ridge), July 2011 (Highest peak in Montana)

Half Dome (CA) - Cable Route, August 1996 (Fatboy's first trip to Yosemite)

He Devil (ID) - Northwest Ridge, July 2012 (Highest in Seven Devil Mountains)

Heaven's Gate (ID) - Squaw Creek Road, July 2012 (Overlook in Seven Devils Mountains)

Hidden Peak (UT) - Snowbird Aerial Tram, August 2013 (Top of Snowbird ski resort)

Hunting State Highpoints (MT & WY) - Granite & Gannett, July/August 2011 (Climbing the highpoints of MT & WY)

Mount Jackson (MT) - Northeast Ridge, August 2012 (Smoky day trip on one of GNP's 10k'ers)

Kellog Peak (ID) - Silver Mountain Gondola, Winter 1990's (Summit of Silver Mountain Resort)

Kings Peak (UT) - Henry's Fork (via Anderson Pass), August 2013 (Highest mountain in Utah!)

Kintla Peak (MT) - South Ridge (via Akokala Lake), August 2014 (Third tallest in Glacier National Park)

Krakatoa (Indonesia) - via Tanjung Priok, 1992 (High school field trip to a famous volcano in Sunda Strait)

Mount Lamarck (CA) - Southeast Route, August 2018 (A fine Eastern Sierra scramble, instead of Mount Darwin)

Longs Peak (CO) - Keyhole Route, September 2016 (Classic climb in Rocky Mountain National Park)

Mount Lyell (CA) - Lyell Glacier, July 2010 (Highest peak in Yosemite National Park)

Matterhorn (OR) - North Ridge, July 2012 (Highest in Wallowa Mountains, plus Sacajawea!)

Medicine Bow Peak (WY) - Medicine Bow Peak Trail, September 2016 (Highpoint of Medicine Bow Mountains)

Mount Merritt (MT) - Old Sun Glacier, August 2015 (Final 10k'er in Glacier National Park)

Moro Rock (CA) - Moro Rock Stairway, August 2016 (Short hike in Sequoia National Park)

North Maroon (CO) - Northeast Ridge, September 2016 (One of the most difficult CO 14'ers, first attempt)
North Maroon (CO) - Northeast Ridge, September 2018 (Classic Maroon Bells/Snowmass scramble)

Pikes Peak (CO) - Cog Railway, September 2016 (Worlds 5th highest railway by elevation)

Mount Regan (ID) - Southeast Ridge, September 2010 (Great scramble in Sawtooth Range)

Rendezvous Mountain (WY) - Jackson Hole Aerial Tram, January 2019 (Top of Jackson Hole Ski Resort)

Mount Ritter (CA) - Southeast Glacier, July 2010 (Classic scramble on most prominent peak in Eastern Sierra)

Ritter Butte (OR) - Ritter Butte Trail, August 2013 (Hike to lookout in Eastern Oregon, return from UT)

Road Trip 2018 (CA, CO) - CO Rockies & Eastern Sierra, August/September 2019 (Peak bagging from CA to CO!)

Road Trip 2019 (OR & CA) - Central OR & Eastern Sierra, September 2019 (Escape to Eastern Sierra, high winds)

Mount Roothan (ID) - West Route, August 2008 (Detour on return from Chimney Rock)

Roys Peak (New Zealand) - Roys Peak Track, November 2014 (Classic Wanaka Lake area hike)

Ryan Mountain (CA) - Ryan Mountain Trail, August 2016 (Joshua Tree National Park)

Sacajawea Peak (OR) - South Ridge, July 2012 (Fun Wallowa Mountains scramble, and Matterhorn!)

Sawtooth Scrambles (ID) - Regan & Thompson, September/October 2010 (Trip to Idaho's Sawtooth Range)

Schweitzer Basin Peak (ID) - Great Escape Quad, Winter 1990's (Summit of Schweitzer Mountain Resort)

Mount Sill (CA) - North Coulior/NW Face, July 2010 (Best summit view in High Sierra?)

Mount Siyeh (MT) - South Slope, August 2012 (Big Choss, Big Views in Glacier National Park)

Mount Sneffels (CO) - Southwest Ridge, September 2016 (Colorado's "best and most beautiful" mountain)

Snow King Mountain (WY) - Josie's Ridge Trail, September 2016 (Jackson's backyard hike up The King)

Mount Solmar (MX) - via Lovers Beach, December 2022 (Highpoint of Lands End on Baja Peninsula!)

Spencer Butte (OR) - Spencer Butte Trail, August 2018 (Short Eugene area hike, smoky views)

Mount Stimson (MT) - Southeast Spur, August 2014 (Second tallest in Glacier National Park)

Mount Swinica (Poland) - WNW Ridge, July 2001 (Day hike from Zakopane in Poland's Tatra Mountains)

Mount Tamalpais (CA) - East Peak, August 2016 (Great view overlooking San Francisco bay area)

Tenaya Peak (CA) - South(west) Ridge, September 2008 (Yellowstone National Park scramble with great views)

Thompson Peak (ID) - South Coulior, October 2010 (Highest in Sawtooth Range!)

Mount Timpanogos (UT) - Timpooneke Trail, August 2013 (Number 20 of the "35 Great Peaks of the Continent")

Uncompahgre Peak (CO) - Uncompahgre Peak Trail, September 2018 (Tallest in the San Juan Mountains)

Utah Peakbaging (UT) - Timpanogos & Kings, August 2013 (Peakbagging in Wasach Range and High Uintas!)

Mount Washburn (WY) - Mount Washburn Trail, September 2016 (Yellowstone National Park day hike)

Wheeler Peak (NV) - Wheeler Peak Trail, August 2018 (Crown jewel of Great Basin National Park)

White Mountain Peak (CA) - White Mountain Peak Trail, September 2019 (Ultra-prominence peak in White Mountains)

Mount Whitney (CA) - Mountaineer's Route, July 2010 (Finale to a great week in the High Sierra)

Yosemite National Park (CA) - Yosemite Valley and Tuolumne Meadows, Sept. 2008 (A week in the High Country!)

Rock & Ice (BC, WA):

Banks Lake Rock - 2010 (Climbing in the 'desert' near Grand Coulee Dam)

Darrington Rock - 2005 - 2007 (An unlikely oasis of granite tucked away in one of WA's wettest areas, gear)

Mount Erie Rock - 2004 - 2005 (Anacortes area cragging with great views of the North Sound, bolts and gear)

Exit 38 Rock - 2002 - 2008 (North Bend area cragging, close to Seattle, great for training, mostly sport)

Index Rock - 2002 (Stout gear climbs on quality granite in Skykomish River Valley)

Leavenworth Rock - 2002 - 2009 (Endless possibilities & better weather, sport and gear)

Lighthouse Park Rock - 2006 (Top-roping at tidewater in West Vancouver, BC)

Mazama Rock - 2002 - 2007, 7/2010, 8/2010 (Methow Valley cragging and sport climbing)

Squamish Rock - 2003 - 2008 (Cragging and sport climbing on The Chief, Smoke Bluffs and various other areas)

Tieton Rock - 2007 (Vertical gear climbs on Basalt Columns near Naches, WA)

Vantage Rock - 2002 - 2003 (Sport climbs on Basalt Columns at Frenchman's Coulee)

Alpental Ice, March 2002 (Ice cragging near top of Armstrong Express chairlift at Alpental Ski Area)

Big Four Ice Caves, December 2001 (Swinging the tools at the base of Big Four's North Face)

Coleman Glacier Seracs, November 2002 (Climbing seracs in Coleman Glacier icefall)

Gray Falls Ice, December 2009 (Multi-pitch waterfall ice climb in Ingalls Creek Valley)

Observation Rock Ice, October 2002 (Autumn ice climb in Mount Rainier National Park)

- British Columbia -

Abby Grind, September 2019 (The Abbotsford Grind!)

    Admiralty Point, February 2021 (Short out-and-back hike in Belcarra Regional Park)

    Albas Falls, September 2020 (Impressive Shuswap area waterfalls)

    Ambleside Park, Various (Beach park on Burrard Inlet in West Vancouver)

    Baden Powell Trail (East), Summer 2017 (Grouse Mountain to Deep Cove & Quarry Rock viewpoint)

    Baden Powell Trail (Middle), December 2018 (Grouse Mountain to Cypress)

    Baden Powell Trail (West), December 2018 (Horseshoe Bay to Eagle Bluffs, via Donut Rock)

    Brandywine Falls (Prov. Park), Various (Spectacular waterfall south of Whistler)

    Burnaby Lake, November 2021 (Easy counter-clockwise walk around largest lake in Burnaby)

    Burnaby Mountain, April 2020 (Loop trail run on North side of "urban" hill, Burnaby)

    Camelshoof Peak Lookout, June 2022 (Lillooet area hike with fantastic views)

    Capilano River, March 2020 (Clevelend Dam to Ambleside)

    Centennial Trail, April 2020 (Loop hike in Lions bay with great views over Howe Sound)

    Cool Creek Canyon, July 2020 (Short and unassuming Pemberton area loop hike with waterfalls)

    Coquitlam and Port Moody (City Of), Various (Coquitlam Crunch, Shoreline Trail etc.)

    Coquitlam Lakeview Trail, January 2021 (Lolipop loop hike with Coquitlam Lake views)

    Croker Lookout & Little Horn, November 2020 (Fun hike with view of Croker Island plus a treed summit)

    Cypress Falls, April 2020 (Beautiful gorge and falls in West Vancouver)

    De Pencier Bluff, November 2021 (Perambulations on lower flank of Mount Seymour)

    Dragon's Back Trail, May 2023 (Hope area hike with numerous viewpoints)

    Eagle Bluffs, September 2017 (West Vancouver hike with awesome views, from Cypress Mtn.)

    Furry Creek Beach, October 2022 (Short walk and beach time on shore of Howe Sound)

    Garibaldi (Lake), July 2000 (Hike and camp in Garibaldi Provincial Park)

    Green Mountain Lookout, September 2022 (Exploratory hike & scramble near Goldbridge)

    Grouse Grind, BCMC, Flint & Feather, Various (All routes lead to Grouse Chalet)

    High Knoll, April 2020 (Loop hike in Minnekhada Regional Park with great Pitt River views)

    Hope Overlook, September 2019 (Good view overlooking town of Hope, BC)

    Hunakwa Lake, September 2020 (Short hike from end of Anstey Arm of Shuswap Lake)

    Hunter Lookout, November 2022 (Views over Stave Lake with Robie Reid and Judge Howay beyond)

    Iona Beach, June 2017 (Beach and jetty along Salish Sea)

    Kanaka Creek, March 2023 (Fort Langley area falls and creek draining into Fraser River)

    Kennedy Falls, March 2020 (Falls and 600 yr old cedar tree via Big Cedar Trail)

    Lighthouse Park, Various (Hiking trails and seaside rock climbing in West Van, see rock climbing)

    Lynn Creek, Various (Headwaters, Canyon Park, 30 Foot Pool)

    Lynn Peak Overlook, November 2019 (Above the clouds, plus Rice Lake)

    Murrin (Prov. Park), April 2018 (Jurassic Ridge & loop hike with excellent view of Howe Sound)

    Nairn Falls (Prov. Park), July 2020 (Provincial park with impressive waterfall through canyon)

    Norvan Falls, February 2020 (Aesthetic falls far up Headwaters Trail)

    One Mile Lake, July 2020 (Charming Pemberton area loop walk)

    Othello Tunnels, September 2019 (Old rail tunnels in Hope, BC)

    Paton's Overlook, July 2017 (Overlooking Seymour Valley/Watershed)

    Pitt-Addington Marsh, April 2020 (Hike and dike at southern end of Pitt Lake)

    Porteau Cove (Prov. Park), Various (Camground and popular scuba area right off highway, Howe Sound)

    Queen Elizabeth & Central Park, Various (Classic Vancouver and Burnaby area parks)

    Red Rock Trail, May 2023 (Hike to viewpoint overlooking Lillooet & Fraser River)

    Rolley Lookout (and peak), January 2023 (Peak with lookout overlooking Stave Lake)

    Saltspring Island, November 2018 (Mt. Maxwell, Mt. Erskine, Ruckle Park)

    Sendero Diez Vistas, October 2017 (Buntzen Lake loop hike with views overlooking Indian Arm)

    Seymour River, Various (Fishermans & Homestead Trails)

    Shannon Fall (Prov. Park), Various (Spectacular waterfall near Squamish)

    Skookumchuck Narrows, August 2013 (Tidal exchange between Jervis and Sechelt Inlet)

    Skyline Trail, May 2020 (Hike up old chairlift swath to base of The Cut on Grouse Mountain)

    Squamish Spit and Estuary, Various (Short walk and scenery at mouth of Squamish River)

    Stanley Park (and Lions Gate Bridge), Various (Iconic park and bridge in Vancouver)

    Suicide Bluffs, April 2022 (Loop via Mt. Seymour-Suicide Bluffs Trail)

    Tantalus View Lookout, November 2020 (Loop hike with excellent Tantalus Range views)

    Mount Thom, November 2022 (Short Chilliwack area hike, plus Hillkeep/Chilliwack Mtn.)

    Tunnel Bluffs, June 2018 (Lions Bay area hike with yet more great Howe Sound views)

    Whyte Lake, May 2018 (Short West Vancouver lake hike)

    Whytecliff Park, Various (Hiking trails and rock outcrops near Horseshoe Bay)

    Vancouver (North), Various (City parks, hikes, walks, scenery etc.)

    Vancouver (City Of), Various (City parks, walks, events etc.)

- Washington State -

Cape Disappointment, August 2016 (North Head & Cape Disappointment Lighthouses)

    Cape Flattery, August 2004 (Exploring northwest tip of Olympic Peninsula)

    Cascade Pass, September 2003 (Popular hike in North Cascades National Park)

    Chelan (Lake) & Stehikin, August 2000 (Weekend of hiking and sightseeing near Stehikin)

    Constitution (Mount) Lookout, May 2015 (Top of Orcas Island!)

    Diablo Overlook (and Dam), August 2014 (Diablo Lake explorations in North Cascades NP)

    Dry Falls, Various (Stunning cliffs, coulees, and lakes in Central Washington)

    Eagle Rock Overlook, August 2014 (Cypress Island during San Juans Traverse)

    Erie (Mount), Various (Drive-up peak with rock climbing and great views near Deception Pass, see rock climbing)

    Freemont Lookout, October 2014 (MRNP autumn dayhike, from Sunrise)

    Frenchman Coulee, Various (Hiking trails and basalt columns near Vantage, see rock climbing)

    Ginko Petrified Forest, Various (Vantage area interpretive walks and scenery, no photos)

    Granite Mountain Lookout, July 2001 (After-work hike near Snoqualmie Pass)

    Hidden Lake Lookout, March 2005 (Marblemount area ski tour and summit)

    Huntoon/Artist Point, September 2012 (Hike near Mount Baker Ski Area)

    Hurricane Ridge, August 2004 (Popular visitor area and hiking trails in Olympic National Park)

    HWY Viewpoints, Various (Lewiston Hill, Deadman Pass, Manastash Vista, Columbia River, White Bird Battlefield)

    Icicle & Tumwater Canyon, Various (Hiking trails and granite crags near Leavenworth, see rock climbing)

    Illia Dunes, Various (Sand dunes on Snake River, popular WSU party spot, no photos)

    Johnston Ridge, August 1992 (Observatory and interpretive walks near Mount Saint Helens)

    Kamiak Butte, Various (Pullman area hiking trails with Palouse area views, no photos)

    Ladder Creek Falls, August 2014 (Gorge and falls near Newhalem)

    Melakwa Lake, Various (Popular Denny Creek hike near Snoqualmie Pass)

    Olallie State Park, Various (Hiking trails and sport climbs near North Bend, see rock climbing)

    Oyster Dome, November 2022 (Popular hike in Chuckanut Mountains)

    Ozette Triangle, October 2011 (Olympic Coast loop hike near Lake Ozette)

    Palouse Falls, Various (Falls, canyon and hiking trails near Washtucna)

    Pilchuck (Mount) Lookout, June 2011 (Popular hike in Snohomish County)

    Poo Poo Point, Various (Knoll on West Tiger Mountain popular with paragliders, no photos)

    Seattle, Various (City parks, hikes, walks, scenery etc)

    Shi Shi Beach, September 2011 (Classic beach hike on Olympic Coast)

    Slate Peak Lookout, August 2012 (Short hike from Harts Pass)

    Snoqualmie Falls, Various (Very popular falls and visitor area near North Bend, no photos)

    Steamboat Rock, September 2010 (Hike in middle of Banks Lake)

    Steptoe Butte, Various (Drive-up with outstanding views overlooking Palouse region)

    Suntop Mountain Lookout, September 2012 (Great MTB ride from lookout back to HWY 410)

    Three Fingers Lookout, October 2001 (Solo climb in Snohomish County)

    Turn Point Lighthouse, August 2014 (Historic lighthouse on Stuart Island, San Juans)

    Twenty Two (Lake), Various (Pretty alpine lake near Mount Pilchuck, no photos)

    Wallace Falls, Various (Falls and river hike near Goldbar, no photos)

    Winchester Mountain Lookout, August 2010 (Instead of American Border Peak)

        *More here: mountain biking, ski touring & kayaking

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