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March 2012

Agata, Troy, Ed and I enjoyed a rippin' day with Ken and our pilot Cainen out on the Silver Star Massif back in March of this year. With temps in the 20's and over 16" of blower from top to bottom on each of our 11 or 12 ~3500' runs, this was every bit the heli trip we had hoped for!

This wasn't my first time up on Silver Star, but not until this heli trip did I realize how big the terrain out here really is. Needless to say, there are lines aplenty descending either into Silver Star or Varden Creeks alone, let alone the numerous other zones within NC Heli's tenure. Rest assured, there's no shortage of shred-worthy terrain at their disposal. What else can I say other than...I WILL be back!

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March 2013

Our second season with North Cascade Heli and as before we lucked out with amazing snow and great weather. We also had the opportunity to fly much farther west this time all the way to the national park boundary. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it was to be shredding big lines around all the familiar peaks and valleys where I've been climbing all these years!

Zones we flew in include: Varden, Silverstar, Snagtooth, Swamp Creek, Fisher, Black, Lyell/Frisco & Cutthroat. Oh yeah!!

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March 2014

And so concludes one of the lousiest Northwest snow seasons in recent memory. A winter's worth of pow riding mostly compressed into the month of March. Win some, lose some I guess. Thankfully there was North Cascade Heli to the rescue, salvaging the season with a couple glory days of Cascade nirvana. I can't praise and thank the NC crew enough for keeping the doors open and taking us on another grand tour of their proverbial backyard! Save our seats for next March please...

Zones we flew in include: Silverstar (Glacier, Burgundy, Cariboo), Big Snagtooth (Amy's), Swamp Creek (Stairstep), Tower, Fisher Pass, Lyell, Cutthroat (Gotcha), Early Winters (Liberty Bowl, Spire Gully), Gardner (Gardner Glacier), Kangaroo Ridge (Cosmic Blast, The Notch, Mambo, Kangaroo Bowl).

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