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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March update...

It is now late March, and with about 35 days out on the snow to date, all I can is that it has been an awesome season! What have I been up to lately? Lifts, slackcountry, frontcountry...whatever, so long as I've got some Powerfly II core underfoot, it's all good! And yes, I hate fighting umpteen others for those cherished lines like everyone else on the weekends. Sell a kidney if you have to and take a mid-week pow day instead...what a difference! I chased the snow south to Hood Meadows as a vigorous storm was lashing Oregon the weekend of March 15, and took the following Tuesday off for another serving of pow at Alpental. A man possessed one might say.

Photos below are from a 3/1 trip to Whistler and a 3/24 trip to Crystal.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Silver Peak - West Face/North Slope, Feb. 23

My goddam toes are going to be beat to a pulp after this garbage I bitched to Andy. Why I did not listen to my own advice and bring a pair of crampons I do not know. Above me, Andy was making steady, toe-friendly progress cramponing up the frozen West Face. What was I doing here? The tips of my well-worn modified PMBs were barely breaking the surface after repeated kicks, my feeble aluminum axe good for little more than balance. I needed to escape to softer snow... Full report here.

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