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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Paralyzed by snow - December 2008

No more complaining about the marginal snow pack and sacrificial early season p-tex shavings. All is good once again now that it's puking snow up in the mountains, although with the onset of this week's rinse cycle I may yet revert back to my previous funk. In any case, Seattle was literally paralyzed by snow in late December. Hard to beat a midnight jib session in the streets of Greenwood! Similarly, Vancouver's North Shore was also getting pounded and the riding at Cypress did not disappoint. Whistler however did not benefit whatsoever from these storms and so we were wise to stay put in North Van until it was time to return home.

The period between December 29 and January 3 was particularly generous to the slopes around Crystal. I did the honorable thing and joined Eric, Eli and John for a tour up on East Peak the first day, but then did my part to help underwrite Kirchner's enterprises. The 15-inch day on the 2nd was easily the highlight, I say it was too deep? It was certainly too much for my bindings to withstand. Snorkel anyone?

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