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Friday, January 15, 2016

October Singletrack, October 2015

> Noble Knob-Dalles Ridge-Ranger Creek

Revisited the Noble Knob and Dalles Ridge Trails, this time descending back to Hwy 410 via Ranger Creek Trail. Made a couple short detours to tag Mutton Mountain and Noble Knob. Great views from both! The switchbacks on upper-Ranger are too tight and steep to negotiate without dismounting. Despite the stairs I still prefer the nearby Palisades Trail (downhill).

> Cutthroat Pass

A quick rip up and down Cutthroat Pass before the first snow shuts it down for the season. This is an out-n-back ride, 6 miles each way. Mellow uphill with just a few dismounts, outstanding views once above timberline and from the pass especially. Blazing fast downhill with great flow thatís unfortunately over with much too soon. About 2-hrs round-trip at a moderate uphill pace. Best combined with one of the other medium-length rides in the area to justify the long drive (i.e. Buck Mountain).

> Squamish

Barely scratched the surface in this long-time mountain biking mecca. Close proximity to N. Van enabled several rides this summer and fall. A huge network of fast and flowy trails with options for all skill levels and preferences. Half Nelson and Pseudosuga are both very popular intermediate-level rides and make for a good introduction to the area.

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