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Friday, July 20, 2012

Cashmere Mountain - West Ridge, July 2012

Cashmere Mountain is a prominent peak east of the Cascade Crest and ranks as one of the highest peaks in the Icicle Creek drainage. It is easily visible from Highway 2 east of Leavenworth and its namesake town of Cashmere, not to mention any of the nearby Stuart Range peaks. With good summer-time trail access as well as excellent early spring ski touring (video), the mountain will inevitably lure the rain weary west-sider in search of a casual day trip on a high and rewarding summit.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Gloom MTB, June 2012

For your consideration, here are a couple must-do rides in our fair state - Little Bald Mountain and the Ranger Creek-Palisades-Skookum Flats link-up. Both I've ridden before to some degree or another but that was like what, over 10 years ago now? Despite some annoying patches of snow on the descent just north of the ride's namesake peak, the former was as good as I remembered it with much needed vitamin D, an actual summit to ride off and views that go on forever.

For the latter, there's still far too much snow up high on Dalles Ridge so I avoided Corral Pass and rode up Ranger Creek instead (a worthy descent in its own right BTW) before intersecting with the Palisades Trail at the shelter. Whether ripping down flowy singletrack through a moss-blanketed forest floor or dodging in and out of trees on the edge of a precipice (The Palisades), this descent sets the standard for a "classic" ride. Extra credit goes to those who finish via the popular Skookum Flats Trail! For more information on these and countless other local rides, be sure to visit the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance website.

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