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Monday, October 14, 2013

San Juans kayaking, July/August 2013

Spend any amount of time kayaking ‘round these parts and you’ll soon find yourself contemplating the waterways of the San Juan Islands. The attraction is obvious considering the numerous protected passages and inlets not to mention the Cascadia Marine Trail campsites scattered throughout Puget Sound and especially in the San Juans. And so, it occurred to us that the time had come to partake of this world-class sea water kayaking haven found right here in our own backyard.

We embarked on our first of several overnight kayak trips this summer with a tour up and down the north and southeast shores of Shaw Island, with camps at both Jones and tiny Blind Island. We returned to the islands in August for another kayak camping adventure this time in the waters off of San Juan Island. From a base camp on Posey Island located in the channel between San Juan and Spieden Islands, we explored the passages and bays around Rouche Harbor and beyond. With a perfect mix of sunny warm weather this summer, the humbling forces of the tides, and the breathtaking sunsets looking out towards Haro Strait and Vancouver Island; we discovered “Island Time” Northwest style!

Jones & Shaw Islands:

San Juan Island (Rouche Harbor etc):

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