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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seven Devils - He Devil via Northwest Ridge, July 2012

Shortly east of Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains and immediately east of Hell’s Canyon rise the Seven Devil Mountains of Idaho. Composed of a small cluster of peaks oriented primarily along a north-to-south trending spine, the view from up high struck me as similar in appearance to a smaller version of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons. It is a rugged range with impressive relief rising out of the Snake River and culminating with 9,420-ft He Devil. He is possibly the highest peak in the range and in my opinion offers a reasonable sampling of what the Seven Devils have to offer. If nothing else, with the Windy Saddle Trailhead a relatively short 3 hour drive from Pullman, WA, these are probably the closest mountains worth visiting for all you fellow Coug’s out there!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Wallowa Wanderings - Sacajawea Peak & Matterhorn, July 2012

Tucked away in northeastern Oregon lies a relatively compact mountain range called the Wallowa Mountains. Covering an area roughly 50 by 60 miles, these mountains are considered to be an offshoot of The Rockies and have been likened by some as “Oregon’s only mountain range”. While not entirely accurate the label makes light of the fact that the Oregon Cascades are comprised primarily of low forested mountains interspersed with the occasional stratovolcano, volcanic horn or crumbling remnant all in varying states of decay. While the Wallowa’s certainly harbor some chossy heaps as well, the geology is not volcanic but nonetheless represents the largest subalpine and alpine area in Oregon. There are over 30 peaks that rise above 9,000 feet, most of which lie within the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Of these peaks, Sacajawea (9,838 ft) and Matterhorn (9,826 ft) are the tallest and also the sixth and seventh highest summits in the Beaver State overall. The photos and words below describe a short journey to these two Wallowa summits back in early July of this year.

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