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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

June Gloom MTB (Part 2), June 2014

Three early summer rides in the E-WA county of Chelan, featuring a bit of everything including unseasonably dry trail conditions, blow-down, patchy snow, hike-a-bike, and thankfully also some great downhill with views galore. (Part 1 - here)

Leavenworth (Ski Hill Trail) - A consolation ride after abandoning a Horse Lake Mountain - Sage Hills loop thanks to pouring rain near the top of the No. 2 Canyon in Wenatchee. With the original Freund Canyon loop trail partially destroyed thanks to recent logging, the ~10 mile Ski Hill loop is probably the next best alternative in the immediate Leavenworth area?? Inquire with the folks at Das Rad Haus for trail beta, or check their trail map below. Expect some route finding difficulty, steep and floury singletrack, several dismounts, a boring stretch of logging road, but also some enjoyable machine-built switchbacks with fun berms to play with.

Horse Lake Mtn/Sage Hills Loop - The Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has big plans for this vast area just outside of Wenatchee. The goal, as was relayed to be by a local chapter member is to develop the area into a mountain bike destination to rival more popular mountain biking destinations such as Bend, OR or Stanley, ID. There are hundreds of miles of trails and old roads here, and with the great weather (normally), excellent views and impressive vert potential, the opportunities are truly limitless. The ~20 mile loop starting from the bottom of No. 2 Canyon, up and over HLM and down into Sage Hills and ending finally near the bottom of No. 1 Canyon is a classic ride linking many of best trails the area has to offer.

Klone Peak Loop - Was it not for the annoying blow-down along the North Tommy Trail (Tr 1425), the VERY annoying snow 'patches' at Klone Meadows and along various stretches of Blue Creek Trail (Tr 1426), and yet more blow-down on the only sustained downhill on Middle Tommy Trail (Tr 1424), the ~20 mile Klone Peak loop would probably be a classic ride on par with Angel's Staircase in the Methow Valley. Certainly the two rides have some tedious ups-and-downs as well as long, gruelling sections of hike-a-bike in common. But assuming the connecting trails were cleared of all obstructions and free of snow, and with the turning larches and meadows exploding in a vibrant end-of-season flash of autumn colors, a late September or October ride here would make for a memorable day on the single-track. See the Cascades Singletrack site for more information and a detailed topo.

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